Kim Kardashian + Ray J - Sex Tape pt2 (Video)

"This ain't hip hop ... but I know ya'll still pervs..."

I must admit I have never seen the first Kim Kardashian sex tape [pause], and now there is a pt.2 with over and hour of "uncut and uncensored" material. What's up with them saying "uncut and uncensored"material? Isn't that what the fuck a "sex tape" is? If it was censored and they had clothes on it would just be another YouTube sensation (DAMN this shit is over 13mil!). Whatever the case may be; enjoy, don't enjoy, hate Shake, love Shake ... it's all good with me.

DOWNLOAD: Kim Kardashian + Ray J - Sex Tape pt.2 (90min+)

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  • Meka Soul

    you're gonna get us both fired.
    *still downloads*

  • amanda

    it's time for your girl to come back.

    oh well, music and porn in one spot? I sense success for 2dopeboyz if you keep this up. ha!

  • Shake

    for the record ... this post alone is KILLIN shit haha. people aren't posting, but the numbers are amazing.

    go kim go!

  • RAE

    is this just an audio file???? my shit wont show the video..

  • Shake

    last time I checked, (Video) meant moving images ;) you gotta step your bootlegging game up sir.

    VLC Player ... plays EVERY type of video you can have on the computer. Enjoy.

  • RAE

    thanks man, fixed the problem. props on the blog.. shit is hot. peace

  • Shake

    thanks, spread the word sir!

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  • alex


  • alex

    this is hot out of this world

  • alex

    thanks, spread the word sir!

  • alex

    i have neve seen he video

  • alex

    i have never seen her tape

  • Shake


  • amanda

    perhaps that guy is the resident 2dopeboyz ghost. he's having an off day.

  • Shake

    haha he repeated what i said.

  • amanda

    maybe he likes you.

  • http://yahoo Mersades

    that shit is nasty as hell that bitch needs to be smacked in her shit but ray j still my boo and he can come holla at me any day!! Mersades

  • Shake

  • P

    Is the link outdated?

  • wowman

    This new tape has been out for awhile now and you can view it from the official source Vivid. They have been offering the tape since day one.


  • trevor

    can somone please send me a new link to this the one posted dont work anymore my email is

  • Christian

    Word... This need to be refresehed. You can send me a links too...

  • Shake

    wow wowman really? i put this up in NOVEMBER! before vivid did, before a lot of people did. get your facts straight before you talk shit.

    and for people wanting a re-up. if i still have it on my comp (not sure if i do). ill upload again. no promises though.

  • LILolife

    come on shake!!! i need this in my life brother!!!! hahahha

  • camelia

    awww please re upload ive been after this for months you life saver! i love kim k.


    shit, i forgot about this...Shake, wass good with that

  • delvato

    i aint seein the download link on nowhere.. where is it?

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    woooooooo, good shit on tha re-up

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  • wowman

    Here is the video that was released by vivid video.



  • fe

    anychane you could upload this on Rapidshare ?

  • Shake

    nope. it's too large ... pause

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  • fe

    so nobody will upload this on Rapidshare .... and i meant in like 6 parts

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  • Shake

    sorry im not splitting this up just for you, not to be a prick. dont have the time.

  • KiLaY

    thanks! love her booty!

  • Smokeeey

    Yo shake thanks for posting this. Unlike the pricks who try to charge money. thanks again man.

  • mr black

    hi guys please send me Kim Kardashian sex tape plssssssssss

  • yaki

    send it to me cuz it wont load on mines

  • Jay


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    damn she's... damn wow.
    im speechless

  • jordan

    ahh fuck..i shouldve jerked off then taken a shower...*jerks off*

  • a guy

    rofl @ everyone

  • earz

    send me that kim & ray j shit please dog

  • http://dogpile tarnisha

    u a nasty whore kim k..... and i hate you

  • mishal

    send me new link not rapidshare and not folefront plzzz on MSH3L.F@GMAIL.COM

  • franchize

    hey get that link at me

  • azalia

    send it to me please.. i just wanna see her.. she is my idol, i dont believe it..

  • DP

    shake, you know what video player i can use on a mac to make this work?

  • Edu

    can some one send me the video at my E mail or send me some working link pls.

  • toplyclotabit

    very intresting

  • sergeant

    i would also like some working links

  • Danie

    OK,Im a chick(pretty hot one at that) and seriously Tay is hot but I wanna see Kim get fucked lmao. Someone please help me:( I cant get any of these to work.

  • jonathan

    can someone send it to me also

  • plssssssssss plsss to me also i search for Kim 1Jahr :)

  • trsha

    i am looking for kim video...can someone send me also pls

  • kevin

    hey can you please send me the video also so i can download it

  • cj

    Can someone send me the video please!

  • JD

    Why dont this work?

  • 36432

    LINK DOWN....

    File is Unavailable.

    The file you are attempting to download is not currently available on our servers or is being processed. Please try your download in a few minutes.

    //this vid is illigeal doubt u will find mirrors on google...

  • 111111
  • Hotness

    anyone still have this video? if so could you e-mail it to me?

  • fasermben

    Exclusio Video: Kim Kardashian NUDE ( VIDEO )


    Enjoy!!! She pretty sexy...

  • meme

    sumbody send it2 me by email

  • AlbertAL

    And Bye.

  • Caress0

    Here, try this: it works better than this crap. Its free....


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