Lil Wayne - The Leak (5 Track EP)

So Lil Wayne lived up to his word (sorta) and dropped The Leak. Since the Carter 3 has been stolen and leaked once twice three times why not release some of the tracks? I guess. Dude is piffed out for sure. Did anyone even know about this dropping? Shake didn't (and he knows all). Oh well, enjoy? (Takes day weekend off. I think between the mass posts from Meka and myself, ya'll should be alright.)

Tracklist + Download link after the jump...

01 I'm Me
02 Gossip
03 Kush
04 Love Me or Hate Me
05 Talkin' About It

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne - The Leak

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  • bananaclipse(3.0)

    Weren't these songs already out...anywho live gossip >>>>>studio version... c3 won't be better than c2 and he will fade into obscurity

  • yea. all these are old, but wayne just released it on xmas so why not post it. *shrugs. agreed. live >> studio.

  • Capp-a-don

    SMMFH @ this. Wayne must be crying tattoo tears over losing all these tracks.

    and yes Live Gossip>>>> Studio

  • restless

    really happy to get the full 'i'm me' track.. loving that sample on the production.. not sure what its actually from, but i recognize it from the movie 'heat'..

  • Gaz


    Hey who's this Lil Wayne dude? He faded into obscurity right? After Tha Carter III was the highest selling album of 2008 right?

    Oh wait...

  • damn

    stfu gaz

  • Preciated!!!!

  • djgvcsdyv

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