Bekay - 2007 Year in Review


Dope emcee from Brooklyn. Dude has a dope little style to him (reminiscent of an old Eminem) and has been doing shit for years now. Last year he did a wrap up of 2006 (ala Skillz) and he does it again. This year is better than S-K-I-double L-Z in my opinion. Check it and let me know what you think, I'll post more from him if there's a good reponse.

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  • livefromthefrontline

    I like this dude but his voice makes me wanna order a pizza from him, .. POW!!

  • CPHead

    I like dude and has some funny commentary in the song. But ain't some of the shit he says from '06, or is it just me?

  • Shake

    what parts?

  • kaohtix

    does some 1 got his wrap up of 2006?

  • CPHead

    the shit about Saddam, he was killed on Dec 30, 2006 but it no big deal.

  • amanda

    The way I see it, if said '06 event was still getting talked about in '07 and was still relevant...who gives a fuck? Ya'll so picky about dates. *is bitter at my own blog*

    Have a good Vegas New Year, Shake.

  • lana

    that was aight, he shoulde switched the beat up or something though because he started sounding monotonous after a while


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