Meka's Soul Mix Show: Nottz Landing

Timbaland & The Neptunes aren't the only ones from there... DOWNLOAD: Boogiemann - Ghetto Love DOWNLOAD: M.O.P. Home Sweet Home DOWNLOAD: Flipmode Squad - What You Come Around Here For DOWNLOAD: Rah Digga - The Last Word

Lil Wayne - The Leak (5 Track EP)

So Lil Wayne lived up to his word (sorta) and dropped The Leak. Since the Carter 3 has been stolen and leaked once twice three times why not release some of the tracks? I guess. Dude is piffed out for sure. Did anyone even know about this dropping? Shake didn't (and he knows all). Oh

The LOX Live at BB Kings (Video)

[youtube=]money, power, respect / wild out So Styles P, Jada & Sheek get together on stage at BB Kings. Not the best quality video, but better than anything (says the big LOX fan). More video after the jump...

Little Brother - Twelve Days of Getback (Day 7)

[youtube=]"baby do you wanna a message?" Looks like Denaun Porter and Shake have something in common. Step It Up is one of my favorite joints off Getback as well. Dion is an artist everyone should be checking for as well. Dude has WRECKED everything he's done with Hi-Tek. Tek sent us this one with Dion's

MF Doom Supervillain Blends (Mixtape)

Ok, since Meka is on a rampage (see the past four five posts) I gotta play catch up. Mind you it's 1:36 am and I've got a bunch of house hold chores to do! Eff it ... here is a dope blend tape by the homie DJ Food Stamp. Outkast, Eminem, Method Man, MC Lyte,

Meka's Soul Mix Show: Late Night Snack

a/k/a the music I bump when I'm hitting up the local burger joint. Double Double > that White Castle bullshit. DOWNLOAD: Lil Kim - Drugs DOWNLOAD: Lost Boyz - All Righ DOWNLOAD: Krumb Snatcha - Killer In Me

Meka's Soul Mix Show: Swagger Jacker

Just got back from I Am Legend. I've produced better shit in the toilet than that flick. Anyways, back to motherfucking action. Biting the same sample every couple years is the new old chain-snatching. DOWNLOAD: Kriss Kross - Tonight's The Night DOWNLOAD: EPMD - Please Listen To My Demo DOWNLOAD: Ghostface Killah - Killa Lipstick

Meka's Soul Mix Show: Primo For President

DJ Premier > ________. I mean, how else can you make a shitty rapper sound gutter as fuck? DOWNLOAD: Snoop Dogg - The One & Only DOWNLOAD: Fat Joe - Dat Gangsta Shit DOWNLOAD: Fat Joe - The Sh*t Is Real (DJ Premier Remix)

Meka's Soul Mix Show: Rough & Tough

Just because I'm not a fan of the West doesn't mean I never bumped the music. I'm sorry! DOWNLOAD: Lady Of Rage - Afro Puffs [Extended Version] DOWNLOAD: Snoop Doggy Dogg - Gz Up, Hoes Down [Bonus track from Doggystyle] DOWNLOAD: Tha Dogg Pound - New York, New York WATCH: Tha Dogg Pound - New

Meka's Soul Mix Show: Random Sh-t (A MSMS Mini-Series)

Aiight, new drink (c) "Thug Passion." I just got back from an extended vacation at my mom's crib (free food, clean clothes & free utilities for the win?) & I'm seeing everyone from XXL's YN to Little Brother posting wild random shit, so I figured why the fuck not? Here's the deal, peoples: I have

Rhymefest - Man in the Mirror (Mixtape)

I dropped a few tracks off this tape awhile back and said the tape would drop Decemeber 15th. I lied, BUT it is here now and Shake has it for you. If you don't recall, this is 'Fest's dedication to Michael Jackson. I've given it one listen so far and hot DAMN! Don't sleep and