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Scarface - Girl U Know (rmx) f. Twista & Trey Songz

Again, not one to post songs with a "DJ" but Smallz has never been bad with his. Just a random Southern Smoke drop in the beginning and end. Twista rocks over this as well. Oh and Shake always has "extra" so here's a bonus Twista solo joint [via Lowkey]. DOWNLOAD: Scarface - Girl U Know

Obie Trice - Detroit / Ball Out

That's right. Your boy Shake has two three (the third leaked, so I added it) new Obie Trice songs straight from the studio. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD: Obie Trice - Detroit DOWNLOAD: Obie Trice - Ball Out DOWNLOAD: Obie Trice - Poppin' Off

C.R.A.C. (Blu & Ta'Raach) - Buy Me Lunch / Love Don't

Now THIS is how you start your morning off. An email from the homeboy eskay with new joints from Blu & Ta'Raach (together as C.R.A.C. Knuckles). Some might recall Ta'Raach as he has a guest spot on Below the Heavens (Juicen’ Dranks). In which I stated was the only down fall to the album [check

Jay Rock - All My Life f. Lil Wayne

New joint off Jay Rock's upcoming debut album, Follow Me Home. Features Lil Weasel, produced by Cool & Dre. DOWNLOAD: Jay Rock - All My Life f. Lil Wayne (prod. Cool & Dre) [or zShare]

Jay-Z - Ain't I (prod. Timbaland)

I hate to post songs that have a DJ (especially Clue) yelling over the track, but ... it's a Timbo & Hov collaboration. You can't go wrong with that. This is off the upcoming DJ Clue mixtape, Desert Storm Radio 8: I Am Legend. Shouts to Lowkey for this, a good man you are hahaha.

The Music Manifesto (Video)

[youtube=] So after finishing a few projects, my dude sends me this video [via RTNC]. It features a masked character reading Jack Davey's (1/2 of the incredible J*Davey) Manifesto to the Music industry (typed version after the jump). An open letter to the head honchos and little lemmings (and all between) for supporting the shitty

Fat Joe - 300 Brolic / Crack House (Video)

[youtube=] New video from the Fat Elephant, that's in the room. AIGHT, it's time to bail ... I've gotta knock out some projects. These last 4-5 posts should hold you off. I've got more on deck...

Jean Grae & 9th Wonder - #8 / Love Thirst

Damn, so today is a bit busy aye? Brief breakdown of this post ... Jean Grae & 9th Wonder recorded a collaboration album, Jeanius, some time back. The roughly mixed advance leaked and the project was basically shut down. Until now, years later, an official release is going down! So today I present you with

Blu - Just Another Day (Video)

[dailymotion id=x47ymg] New video from the incredibly dope emcee, Blu. This joint is off his Lifted EP and never made it to Below the Heavens. Directed by Dan Shepard & Fernando Chavez, shot in Long Beach. DOWNLOAD: Blu - Another Day