Glow in the Dark Tour (Flyer)

20080129-gitd1.jpg[via K.West]

Kanye, Rihanna, N.E.R.D and Lupe Fiasco?!? Yes please! I can't imagine how dope (and expensive) this is gonna be. Sheeeesh. Check out the full flyer after the jump...


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  • tdot

    plzzzzzz tell me they coming to toronto!!!!

  • k-calz

    omg... they better come to TORONTO!!

  • lana

    awwww shiet this is something major they better i repeat better come to Detroit

  • phillup blunts!

    Damn they better come to Vancouver!
    If they don't I'm flying somewhwere too see this.


    I NO THEY COMMING TOOO NYC that shits gunna be crack



  • I know they aitn comin to the STL!...damnit....ha.


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