C.R.A.C. (Blu & Ta'Raach) - Buy Me Lunch / Love Don't


Now THIS is how you start your morning off. An email from the homeboy eskay with new joints from Blu & Ta'Raach (together as C.R.A.C. Knuckles). Some might recall Ta'Raach as he has a guest spot on Below the Heavens (Juicen’ Dranks). In which I stated was the only down fall to the album [check my review]. I never said it to be the weakest joint because by itself it's dope. It just didn't fit on the album. These guys are rocking an entire LP, The Piece Talks, dropping in April. Be sure to cop it!

DOWNLOAD: C.R.A.C.  - Buy Me Lunch
DOWNLOAD: C.R.A.C. - Love Don't

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De La Soul - "Greyhounds" f. Usher

and The Anonymous Nobody is shaping up to be incredible.

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