D-12 - We Deep

Brand new D-12 for the followers of 2dopeboyz. That's right! Sadly it's missing a few people. Enjoy regardless... DOWNLOAD: D-12 - We Deep 

Crooked I - Hip Hop Weekly v44 (Til I Collapse)

It's the .44 flow. Over Eminem's Til I Collapse. I know this is gonna make some people happy. 8 more left. Be on the lookout for the upcoming HipHopDX / Crooked I / ________ mixtape. Yesssssir! DOWNLOAD: Crooked I - Til I Collapse (HHW44) [Direct]

Kool G Rap - Turn It Out / I Feel Bad For You Son

Here's some joints from one of the greatest emcee's to ever touch the microphone. This man defines consistency ... over 20 years on the mic and STILL ripping. Be sure to cop his upcoming Half a Klip EP. DOWNLOAD: Kool G Rap - I Feel Bad For You Son DOWNLOAD: Kool G Rap - Turn

Glow in the Dark Tour (Flyer)

[via K.West] Kanye, Rihanna, N.E.R.D and Lupe Fiasco?!? Yes please! I can't imagine how dope (and expensive) this is gonna be. Sheeeesh. Check out the full flyer after the jump...

Think Differently Music Presents - Originals (Mixtape)

Just came across this incredible collection of original and unreleased versions of some great songs. From the original version of Kanye's All Falls Down with Lauryn Hill to Just Blaze's uncleared sample version of Ghostface's The Champ. Tons of gems on this one. Don't sleep. Tracklist + Download link after the jump...

Prodigy - New Yitty / Young Vet

Two new joints tracks from Mobb Deep's Prodigy. I left out the clever nicknames cause dude is stepping it up. These tracks are raw! Shouts to Young Sav and Lowkey for these. DOWNLOAD: Prodigy - New Yitty DOWNLOAD: Prodigy - Young Vet

Gangsta Rap - House Shoes (Video)

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw29RcT3qnM] Nothing new here, but I feel the need to post some hilarious shit. Meet Murder Mike, Du-Rag, and DJ Ballistics, three house shoes-wearing cronies from Compton. Signed to Delicious Vinyl (Tone-Loc, The Pharcyde) be on the look out The Glockumentary (due on DVD from Th!nkFilm on out February 5th).

Meka's Soul Mix Show: Shaolin Soul

This is what happens when you look for one song and unearth an entire treasure chest of gems, like this French (I know!) birthed goodie. What the hell happened, RZA?