Kim Kardashian + HipHopDX (Video)

blame it on Shake March 6, 2008

[dailymotion id=x4m31g&v3]

So the Goddamn Editor in Chief hit me with this lovely message from Kim Kardashian. Score one for the bad guys bidges! Posting merely for the DX shout out and visual purposes of course. Enjoy.

  • NICE.

  • *drool*

  • that’s right. kim k and shake tape dropping next week as well.

    *realizes who checks the blog …. i’m kiiiiiiidding ;)

  • man, eskay never comments on or props my stanking ass.

    *feels lonely*

    *downloads kim k sex tape for 536th time*

  • lol. i lik eho she said “109central”, like it was one long word. she needs to learn how to be natural, even if she’s reading a teleprompter.

    although, with a backyard like that, fuck her reading skills, right?

  • WHAT



    Props to DX for this!

  • that’s right. kim k and shake tape dropping next week as well.

    ^Not cool.



    No more skin hugs for you.

  • uttt ohhhh shakes in twwwwwwuble!

  • *volunteers to be shake’s replacement FOR LEXX*

    i give the best internal hugs.

  • EW @ MEKA. the first time I read *volunteers to be shake’s replacement* I thought you meant replacement for Lexx’s skin hugs.
    OH MY!

    2[insert fruity word here]boyz? AHHHH

    as much as that’s a bit mindblowing, why’d DX get the shout? I’d like to think it’s cuz DX is just that cool?

  • yep. THAT cool

  • props…im hating, but it’s good hate tho…thats what happens when you have one of the best hiphop sites on the net…keep doing what you doing hiphopdx

    yo shake, tell her to holla at the sneakerboxx…haha

  • I can’t wait till the new season starts this Sunday on E!! Word on the curb is Reggie B. is going to appear on the show. Now, that would be worth seeing!