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  • Ezee-t

    Listen to 'Lifetime Achievement'. Yayo has the best verse, I never thought that would ever happen.

  • http://tankusmaximus84.blogspot.com Mark Twain Fame

    I would handle that chick on the cover...sorry random.

  • M. Pass

    props for this!

  • shakosrsexy

    5o cent has his own channel on kyte.tv! there are a whole bunch of cool shows on there, all that he produced himself! Check it out!


  • santinog

    This is a dope mixtape, you can't really hate on 50 for beefing. It is who he is, and he does it well. Looking forward to B.I.S.D

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  • http://nghecon9.googlepages.com frmad

    Conglatulation! both of your blog, and this post are high ranked in
    "The top blogs of the day" report

  • ray

    Kilt it

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  • http://www.industryfinest.com industryfinest

    Fat Joe got game!

  • http://www.tha-g-spot-radio.com gmoney

    Dis gmoney wit gmoney prod. 5 dollars an hour I'm a rap artist and a dj I'm getting dis album dis weekend ill sell it 2 u 4 5 dollars 4343348213