Murs & 9th Wonder - Murs 3:16 (The 9th Edition) (Samples)


What up ya'll. How is your lazy Sunday going? Anyone else ready for the Lakeshow to stop that Rocket's winning-streak? Yessir! Anyways, on to the post. It's been awhile since we've done one of these, but I promise we're back on our grind. Got a special post coming later today. Back in '04, Living Legends emcee Murs joined forces with then Little Brother producer 9th Wonder to bang out a collaboration album. There was a lot of hype around this project and they didn't let us down. To add to everyone's listening pleasure, we have the original samples used by 9th for the LP. (EDIT: Was just hit up and told that Kevin dropped this earlier in the month, so props to him.) Check after the jump for the collection...

01 Breakwater - Release the Beast (Intro)
02 The Mighty Diamonds - Illiteracy (Bad Man)
03 Black Heat - Street of Tears (3:16)
04 Buddy Miles - Pain (The Pain)
05 Billy Paul - WOrd Sure Gets Around (Freak These Tales)
06 Curtis Mayfield - Now You're Gone (H-U-S-T-L-E)
07 Gloria Lynne - If You Don't Get It Yourself (Walk Like a Man)
08 Crackin' - You're Winning (And This is For...)
09 Lou Rawls - It's Our Anniversary (The Animal)

DOWNLOAD: Murs & 9th Wonder - Murs 3:16 (The 9th Edition) (Samples)

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  • P.S.A

    oh wow.....Murs 3:16 is one of my personal favorites!

    I enjoy what you're doing over here...I rarely comment but I thought I should for this one.

  • This is the ish. The album was crazy. 9th wonder is the truth fam! Hey Shake...REBELS!

  • appreciate is psa. i gotta find a way to get everyone commenting so we know whats up with people.

    mp3: yessir! i didnt get to watch the game, but watched the highlights. rebels what what!?

  • Pea


  • sum1 kill me. i cant go to the Paid Dues festival cuz they switched my schedule

  • A lot of Rebels last night at Polyesthers with BOB, Peace and Finesse. Thryst Thursday night is Rebels play Friday...we'll see in a hour

  • remixedesign

    amazing, I'm loving the Curtis Mayfield track.

  • Barak Obama

    This is sick, thank you for the good work

  • jot

    How about them rockets? haha :p

  • Thank you, You can visit">
    "The top blogs of the day" report

  • i'm mad rafer alston brought the and1 moves in that last possession against my boy vujacic lol.

  • ah mna, dont even start jot haha.

  • soo much for that Lakeshow win, huh?

  • King

    I was hoping the Lakeshow would end the streak too. You failed me Shake!!

  • congratulation! YOU in
    top blogs

  • haha saull good. once gasol and bynum are back, sheeeeee-it

  • tryfullonbeatz

    Yo Shake. I know your Website now 4 a longer time. I always check back every second or third day. And due, I gotta say that this is really it. You provide good Music. THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • this was a great soundtrack/backdrop to our [Houston victory] celebration. You’re Winning (And This is For… Rafer Alston!!!)

  • Greetings from H-Town...How's that L taste, Laker fans?


    classic album favorite album ever...thanks for tha samples Shake!

  • sheeee-it. i say something about the lakers and they lose ... and what happens? most comments evAr haha.

  • I played this at a work function and now Im the most popular guy EVER!!!! thanks shake!

    (why did that just feel like a infomercial)

  • Bynum and Gasol wouldn't have made the difference yesterday. T-Mac was invisible and Yao was out, too. The Lake Show lost to Skip To My Lou. He was unconscious yesterday.

  • Not sure if this is a coincidence or you guys jacked my set []

    If it was jacked, no hard feelings... a simple link would have been appreciated though.

  • Kevin ... nah, I don't jack shit. Simple coincidence. I just DL'd your set and we have different filesize .mp3s, etc with different bitrates. I dropped a lin that you had it up first though.

  • dang this lil post has a ton of comments.....more than any other!
    if those daggone Lakers had won, no one would have said shit

  • yea. people like to beat you when your down.

    negativity brings more than positivity

  • Thanks for the luv Shake... it's all good!

  • Somewhere the root of my malice rests in Kobe still refusing to play for Philly.

  • no diggity.

  • Aye yo!
    Murs is the Man. Check out his live show on his official myspace page- Some of his videos are hilarious!

    Murs for president!

  • enby

    Yeah murs's kyte stuff is dope. I liked the behind the scenes stuff with the rest of the living legends at the fillmore. Thanks for the hint

  • Bj



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