Murs & 9th Wonder – Murs 3:16 (The 9th Edition) (Samples)

blame it on Shake March 16, 2008

What up ya’ll. How is your lazy Sunday going? Anyone else ready for the Lakeshow to stop that Rocket’s winning-streak? Yessir! Anyways, on to the post. It’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these, but I promise we’re back on our grind. Got a special post coming later today. Back in ’04, Living Legends emcee Murs joined forces with then Little Brother producer 9th Wonder to bang out a collaboration album. There was a lot of hype around this project and they didn’t let us down. To add to everyone’s listening pleasure, we have the original samples used by 9th for the LP. (EDIT: Was just hit up and told that Kevin dropped this earlier in the month, so props to him.) Check after the jump for the collection…

01 Breakwater – Release the Beast (Intro)
02 The Mighty Diamonds – Illiteracy (Bad Man)
03 Black Heat – Street of Tears (3:16)
04 Buddy Miles – Pain (The Pain)
05 Billy Paul – WOrd Sure Gets Around (Freak These Tales)
06 Curtis Mayfield – Now You’re Gone (H-U-S-T-L-E)
07 Gloria Lynne – If You Don’t Get It Yourself (Walk Like a Man)
08 Crackin’ – You’re Winning (And This is For…)
09 Lou Rawls – It’s Our Anniversary (The Animal)

DOWNLOAD: Murs & 9th Wonder – Murs 3:16 (The 9th Edition) (Samples)

  • P.S.A

    oh wow…..Murs 3:16 is one of my personal favorites!

    I enjoy what you’re doing over here…I rarely comment but I thought I should for this one.

  • This is the ish. The album was crazy. 9th wonder is the truth fam! Hey Shake…REBELS!

  • appreciate is psa. i gotta find a way to get everyone commenting so we know whats up with people.

    mp3: yessir! i didnt get to watch the game, but watched the highlights. rebels what what!?

  • Pea


  • sum1 kill me. i cant go to the Paid Dues festival cuz they switched my schedule

  • A lot of Rebels last night at Polyesthers with BOB, Peace and Finesse. Thryst Thursday night is Rebels play Friday…we’ll see in a hour

  • remixedesign

    amazing, I’m loving the Curtis Mayfield track.

  • Barak Obama

    This is sick, thank you for the good work

  • jot

    How about them rockets? haha :p

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  • i’m mad rafer alston brought the and1 moves in that last possession against my boy vujacic lol.

  • ah mna, dont even start jot haha.

  • soo much for that Lakeshow win, huh?

  • King

    I was hoping the Lakeshow would end the streak too. You failed me Shake!!

  • congratulation! YOU in
    top blogs

  • haha saull good. once gasol and bynum are back, sheeeeee-it

  • tryfullonbeatz

    Yo Shake. I know your Website now 4 a longer time. I always check back every second or third day. And due, I gotta say that this is really it. You provide good Music. THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • this was a great soundtrack/backdrop to our [Houston victory] celebration. You’re Winning (And This is For… Rafer Alston!!!)

  • Greetings from H-Town…How’s that L taste, Laker fans?


    classic album IMO…my favorite album ever…thanks for tha samples Shake!

  • sheeee-it. i say something about the lakers and they lose … and what happens? most comments evAr haha.

  • I played this at a work function and now Im the most popular guy EVER!!!! thanks shake!

    (why did that just feel like a infomercial)

  • Bynum and Gasol wouldn’t have made the difference yesterday. T-Mac was invisible and Yao was out, too. The Lake Show lost to Skip To My Lou. He was unconscious yesterday.

  • Not sure if this is a coincidence or you guys jacked my set [http://kevinnottingham.com/myblog/2008/03/01/murs-316-the-9th-edition-original-samples/]

    If it was jacked, no hard feelings… a simple link would have been appreciated though.

  • Kevin … nah, I don’t jack shit. Simple coincidence. I just DL’d your set and we have different filesize .mp3s, etc with different bitrates. I dropped a lin that you had it up first though.

  • dang this lil post has a ton of comments…..more than any other!
    if those daggone Lakers had won, no one would have said shit

  • yea. people like to beat you when your down.

    negativity brings more than positivity

  • Thanks for the luv Shake… it’s all good!

  • Somewhere the root of my malice rests in Kobe still refusing to play for Philly.

  • no diggity.

  • Aye yo!
    Murs is the Man. Check out his live kyte.tv show on his official myspace page- http://www.myspace.com/murs. Some of his videos are hilarious!

    Murs for president!

  • enby

    Yeah murs’s kyte stuff is dope. I liked the behind the scenes stuff with the rest of the living legends at the fillmore. Thanks for the hint

  • Bj