• http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    bah i hate snippets.

  • http://vexrog.blogspot.com the Rawg

    how fucking stupid can one person look?

  • BLuHaZe

    seeing what type of songs Atlantic made Flo-Rida do, i dont see GSNT ever being released by them.

  • http://www.hiphopdx.com/blogs/meka Meka

    i doubt they "made" him do those shit sammiches.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    hahaha. lmao @ what they "made" him do. nah homie, that's all flo rida's doing.

  • ugh

    just drop the album already.....

  • http://blogs.hiphopdx.com/ambassador amanda

    funny, I was just listening to Saigon today.

    seriously though fuck a snippet.

  • restless

    lol, yall are some funny motherfuckers...

  • Barak Obama

    boo. im sorry why did Saigon have to go and get some tpayne sounding (I don't even know how to spell the clowns name) shit goin. this just sounds like another desparate artist tryin to get heard by jumping on the band waggon (which Saigon is not)

  • http://www.partywithb.com bevil

    this is crap

  • americangangster103

    has anyone actually LISTENED to the snippet? this actually pretty good.. i dunno whether any of u have actually listened to it