• http://vexrog.blogspot.com the Rawg

    *takes credit for coining the name "Shake Hova"*

  • eightysbaby

    I always checked for Bleek and felt sorry for him because all them philly nigs got signed to the ROC and pushed him to the back. Having said that, Im too lazy to download the boy's tape. SMH.

    Sorry Bleek, but aaaaaall the money in the world couldnt [make me download again] laid down, laid down....

  • http://ILLroots.com Hallway Jay

    Man shake on his grind busta, and bleek, don't worry i counter that with a few new interviews...you make one chess move, i make the next...lmao

  • http://bananaclipse.blogspot.com bananaclipse(3.0)

    Thank you! Bleek is nice (sometimes)

  • http://blogs.hiphopdx.com/ambassador amanda

    Memphis Bleek looks a teeny bit like Wale.

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  • youknowwhatitis
  • youknowwhatitis
  • http://www.shhhhiiiiit.com CLAY DAVIS

    YO THAT MIXTAPE IS SO FUCKIN Wack Bleek sit ya A$$ down....

  • http://www.shhhhiiiiit.com LIP

    BLEEK YOU SUCK and stop kissin GEEDA's ASS marcy don't love you no more...

  • http://www.shhhhiiiiit.com greece fan

    memph bleek is so fuckin lame he is DONE! he better get a job in rocafellla's mailroom maybe he'll do better with that as a day job. And his man BIZ looks like he's on crack.

  • gr3um5

    bleek ina buildin'
    it's the ROC !
    coming of age


    BLEEK FUCK THEM DUMB ASS NIGGAS ,KEEP DOING YOU HOW THEY GONNA HATE A NIGGA WHO GET MONEY HOES,And roc hot clothes what fuckn hood they from,this newark in the buildn...if he dont look good we dont look good yall ass holes...kick rocks!!getlow fam do the damn thing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/PRETTyyOLNiCKEyy SimPLyy PRETTyy OL NIckeyy

    I love the mix tape ! My favorite is fully loaded ! Bleek keep doing your thing ! Like jay said niggas cant touch what they cant feel ! Real recognize real ! If they was real they would recognize you !