State Property - Oceans7


Dammit, I thought I dropped this last night but I hit save and not submit haha. Oh well... the whole State Property gang (sans Neef?) gets together for this new banger. Shouts to DJ Ian! You always come through my dude. How long do you think until we see "Free Beans" shirts flying around? Oh if you weren't aware... Sigel was sent back to jail for three months for violating terms of his supervised release. I wrote more over at the homeland. Shake is everywhere haha...

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  • shouts to mike waxx for teh font!!!!!!!!!

  • eightysbaby

    Yea this joint is dope. I guess it means that Neef is no longer with the Prop huh?

  • haha. i was gonna say "shouts to waxx for a totally unrelated manner" hahahahah.

  • dub

    big ups for this....miss when the roc was the army and state prop was the ill front line


    damn i've been looking for that font...its on like, every Deftone cover...

  • LMAO, I got really lazy last night when I posted this, and I copied your comments off DX and threw them up with credits. Just too lazy to write it out...

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  • does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages?


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