Rhymefest - No Sunshine (Live in NYC)

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHXucWjQ-R0] My man Court Dunn hit me with some cool footage of Rhymefest's guest appearance at the Royce Da 5'9" show at the Knitting Factory last month that was put on by my dudes at Same Plate/Hidden City Entertainment. Shout out to Royce (I know you check this shit haha), Torae, J the S, Don

State Property - Oceans7

Dammit, I thought I dropped this last night but I hit save and not submit haha. Oh well... the whole State Property gang (sans Neef?) gets together for this new banger. Shouts to DJ Ian! You always come through my dude. How long do you think until we see "Free Beans" shirts flying around? Oh

DJ Arshizzle Presents: Lil Wayne - Da Drought 3 Blends

I'm pretty sure you're all aware of how I personally feel about the guy, but since my Vegas-bound partner in rhyme served the masses the other day, I figure I can put my bigoted, ignorant, racist and homophobic rants bias to the left for the fans with this update on the fan favorite from last

Busta Rhymes - I've Already Outshined Your Favorite Rapper (Mixtape)

Honestly, I really am your favorite blogger. Ain't I? Haha... the king of the remix is back with a new mixtape for ya'll suckas. Busta remixes a few chart toppers, drops a few exclusives and more. Worth the download if your a fan. Shouts to Superstar Jay! See ya'll next post. Tracklist + Download link

Memphis Bleek - Feed the Streets pt.3 (Mixtape)

The weekend warrior, Shake Hova! While one ROC memeber is back in jail, Memphis Bleek is back with some more heat for the streets internets. Hosted by none other than Pain In Da Ass. Apparently he's reloaded (again). The tape has some dope joints on it though. I've been a fan of Bleek so it's

Another Gossip Freestyle Better Than Lil Wayne?

It's gonna be great seeing all the stans come and flood the comment section based off the title alone. We'll see though. The homie Grafh just added to the list (imo) of people who slaughtered Wayne's Gossip beat. Of course I included my favorites from the past (and Wayne original to be fair). Thanks X!

Lil Wayne - The Drought is Over 5 (Mixtape)

I swear, I should get a blogging medal or something haha. This is what the internets been waiting for right? The finale of the Drought is Over series is here. I'm not up to par with Weezy's catelog so all these songs could be years old. Whatever though, I know the stans have been fiendin'

Crooked I - Hip Hop Weekly v51.5 (Lollipop) + Previous 51

What? You didn't think Crook would just drop one more did you? Haha, here is 51 1/2 for ya'll suckas. And trust me when I say, 52 is gonna be something very special. VERY special. Should be dropping soon so just refresh the page until it pops up (even if it's in two days hahaha).

Mickey Factz - K-1 Attack (The Leak #13)

It's that time of the week again my friends. Mickey Factz drops another gem on us. This time with the help of GFCNY's Nakim. As Mickey finishes up his collab weeks the duo brands the GFC car. Also, check after the jump for some wild footage of Mickey on stage with The Cool Kids for

Legend & DJ Blazita - Real Hip-Hop: No Gimmicks (Mixtape)

Never mind the bullshit and dispell the myths, Legend and DJ Blazita drop a pretty solid tape. With joints from U-N-I, Outkast, The Roots, AZ, The Game, Talib, Blu, Wale, Stimuli, Skyzoo, Naledge, Donny Goines, ESSO, EMC and much much more. Nothing much to say ... this is hip hop. Tracklist + Download link after