Jay-Z + Beyonce Sex Tape! (Video)

blame it on Shake April 1, 2008

What up people! Now I KNOW you won’t be reading what I say here (or maybe you will once the DL starts going), either way this is a 2dopeboyz World Premier! That’s right. Shake never sleeps. Meka does sometimes, but it’s ok. There’s not much to say about this one, the title speaks for itself. I do apologize for me and Meka covering up certain body parts of Ms. Beyonce. You know how it is though, we might have young dopeboyz and dopegirlz venturing these parts. The clip itself is a bit short (roughly four minutes) but it’s all worth it to see B’s “O” face. Enjoy…

DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z + Beyonce Sex Tape (Video)

  • you’re going to get us both fired.


  • Regardless of consequences I will d/l this whein I get to work

  • CPHead

    no way!?

  • this cant be real……

  • oh and from tests that i’ve ran, you gotta use windows media player. vlc just plays audio? WTF!?!

  • C.P.

    i hate my internet connection :(

  • Oh shit!

  • drob

    That was some hot shit. Beyonce’s face at the end is just perfect..

  • Ah shit. I can’t wait until this is downloaded. Not sure about Jay with my wife though.

  • Is tpain gonna say jay has a big meat?

  • this is almost as hot as that new nas leak: http://www.mediafire.com/?g29e1ibdssd

  • s


  • yea khal. i saw that in my inbox. but i cant convert it to mp3. its in some weird ass format. stupid!

  • smog

    this isnt a aprils fools joke?

  • nope. any april fools joke i do is over at DX. Lil Wayne f. Eminem bidges!

  • Damn, this is crazy. I figured it was a prank.

  • HaloHEad


  • restless

    just beautiful..

  • Beyonce is gonna have this site shut down like she did Necole Bitchie yo! lol….she’s gonna Mariah ur ass….
    ur gonna get me in trouble


  • that was pretty good…..
    Jay got some work down on that piece!
    his best work since Blueprint

  • If you all don’t want to download it you can come to http://www.soulfullvibes.com and view it right on the site.

    Big shoutout to 2 Dope Boyz ;)

  • are you serious? you just copied the entire post and put it on your site? wow, people have NO kind of courtesy on these internets.

  • lmao. The only shit he did different is set it as a flash player.


  • DKE

    Yo shake, wanna say thanks for posting real, dope hip hop (and a few garbage wayne songs haha) on this site consistently, real dope man.

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    http://www.nationofhiphop.net/register.php?referrerid=101 – please take a moment to sign up to this site, at least give it a chance, its free and i guarantee you wont be disappointed.

    sorry i had to do you like this shake, and keep this blog game poppin’. props for all the dopeness

  • Ok I gave props where it came from, you clowns act like I took the article and claimed it mine? Maybe you guys can’t comprehend right. Did you see me shout yall out? As a matter of fact since it’s like that I will revamp it for you. Clowns!!

  • calling people names over the internet is fuckin lame. just saying. i saw the shout out but you took my post word for word? come on now. write your own shit and then shout me out. that’s like me writing a novel that mirrors some other dudes then just shouting him in the prologue or something.

  • DKE…. if you enjoy the site. STOP SPAMMING. Once was enough, twice was ehh. Three times. Come on now man.

  • Clarence

    how come no one is mentioning the fact that beyonce has a cock? i mean, WTF, that is a turn off!!!

  • DKE

    haha my bad shake, im done now…just tryna get the word out, just like you did when you were first coming out. but fair enough haha…re-posted it here since its a big thread, feel me?

    but yeah, my bad on that shit haha

  • for the record… i never spammed places when i started out. glad we figured it out though.

  • DKE

    haha, didnt know that…but yeah, my bad man…keep dropping dope music

    speaking of which, do you have any details on HHW52?

  • i have all the details :)

  • DKE

    hahaha…well at least i only have to wait (i hope) a day longer

  • P.S.A


    just wow.

    please….I hope it’s not taken down…..

    1st time I visited the site today….won’t be back in teh dormz until tonight….

    *hopes it won’t be taken down by then*

  • it’s rally crazy in love

  • whatever dude, it’s changed now, you can stop crying!!

  • P.S.A


    *April Fool’s?*

    *or not April Fool’s?*

    whether it is or not…can’t help but stare at the Beyonce graphic…..

  • >whatever dude, it’s changed now, you can stop crying!!>

    somebody obviously wasn’t hugged enough as a child.

    or perhaps too much.

  • whatever dude, it’s changed now, you can stop crying!!

    Soulfull Vibes said this on April 2, 2008 at 12:10 am


    damn I dont even do a blog anymore,e ven when I did it wasnt that big, and I never copied off no one. Anyways I guess duke doesnt know how the rules play out in the blog world. This gives me a idea shake…*evil laugh*

  • some fuckery goin on in this particular comment section…wtf is up with that ish Meka and Shake?!…sheesh.

  • realbadfriend

    Is it me, or is she kind of fat?

  • who beyonce?!…whats your definition of fat homie…?!

  • So Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  • shake that eminem wayne track on DX was classic hell naw…lmao.

    dope old school cut though…who’s the artists?

    some 1930’s ish ha.

  • no clue. dude’s overly emotional with things. i just asked a simple question “why did you post the EXACT same words/pic/etc as me” then he went super sensitive on us. *shrugs. no harm done…

  • realbadfriend

    “whats your definition of fat homie…?!”

    I was being a bit harsh – I meant to say “she has a booty on her, am I right?”

    I mean – let’s face it… I’d eat everything.

  • yeah Shake…K.I.M. I say…but duke got super pissy when you questioned his actions of his usage of Your post…oh well.


    I mean – let’s face it… I’d eat everything.


    LMAO!…oh so you meant she got a fatty and you dig that chunk monkey she got…okay I was thinking the other way…

  • yea i was right there with you when i read “fat” ha

  • Joe King

    that was a good one…. for real… good shit.

  • Kingpin

    Good shit shake

  • Bwaymz the Gawd

    I was so ready to see B all sweaty and sultry. Damn you 2dopeboyz. Great Prank but next time think of all the hearts you may break in the process

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  • lmao damn you guys sheemed my life good one. I was all anxious for the download it only took four minutes but it was the longest four minutes of my life. I wanted to see what B’s kitten looked like. damn good joke.

  • gddf



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  • i am SO pissed… now i have to jack this false boner off to Kim Kardashian.. thanks Shake/Meck.. its not even fuckin april 1.. Thanks… lol

  • That shit is a fuckin fake

  • wow you’re quick!

  • thatladfromengland


  • thatladfromengland

    no no no no :(

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  • Pauline =P

    Oh .. I love the music. What’s the tittle please ?

  • yak

    can yall put this on z share cuz its not working on media fire

  • Holy Shit… how did I miss this?

  • demon

    Fuckin Bastards…its april fool


    shoulda never gave you niggas money

    that was just…

    fuck that was good you got me LOL

  • Simon

    I’m loving that you put Sideshow Bob on the pic, hehehehe….

  • DopeSir

    it doeznt work….

  • yo mama nigga

    lame lame lame, last time i come to this site

  • aww i’m so sad. sorry you can’t take a joke.

  • loc payis

    this shit is lame its a good thing i hit ff thru most of it!!

  • tutata

    you fucking assholes

  • hatereraser

    y’all niggas is gay

  • hatereraser

    should call ya selves, 2GayBoyz. lame ass niggas

  • jamie

    u fucking suck.

  • 2garbage

    lol u had to make this up because you KNOW that 2dope cant get a world premiere.


  • >you fucking assholes>

    >y’all niggas is gay>

    >should call ya selves, 2GayBoyz. lame ass niggas>

    >u fucking suck.>

    >lol u had to make this up because you KNOW that 2dope cant get a world premiere.>

    what’s the probability that the follower c-humps had one hand on the mouse and the other on their bozacks when watching this video?

    some four months and 70+ comments later, and nobody still gets the joke. we need a board.

  • *fRiSC0*

    yo if anybody still got tha tape send it to me, i wanna see dis shit real talk [email protected]

  • ala


  • YES,YES, YES!!!!!!!!

  • dsfsdf

    2FAGBOYS are desperate to get hits

  • Kinko

    wow…Hi Hater

  • Kinko

    good joke

  • does anybody know whats good wit blueprint 3…

  • Bizzy


  • Max

    Damn!! Its not still up anywhrer!! [email protected]

  • Vanessa

    it says its been removed, is there any other way i can get to see it?

  • Huh?

    ROFL! Look at the DATE!

  • Huh?

    It’s an April Fools Joke. I’m amazed people still fall for this.

  • beeeennn10000

    where thee fuck is thee tape re up!!!!!!!!

  • Johh


  • sandi

    holy healll!!

    how u just gonna leave me out. like tha.

  • the tape was a april fools pranks lol

  • Theurts

    Link is dead!! the picture still looks hot tough.

  • spalding196

    yo can comeone send me the download cuz this isnt working

  • help me i don`t know how i load this

    can someone help me PLEASS !!

  • Alisa

    BEYONCE and Jay-z look good together really, they are nice couple.


  • Crazy in love? oh please..

  • i sure want to fuck her ass

  • Danny

    someone re-up this!!!!!!

  • mdpgc

    re-up pls!

  • ^^^This was an April’s Fools joke from 2008 LOL


  • SD

    Franklin man your missing out. Beyonce gets the fuck down.

  • fdsd

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  • Carlos Cruz

    Can someone email me the downloadable file? [email protected]

    Good looks

  • Olli

    Oh shit! I knew B was gonna look good but DAMN! Can’t believe I haven’t seen this shit before

  • ki

    i have come from the distant lands of the internet to view this dear sir

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  • beyonce fuck in his big ass

  • dickhead

    fuck,,,,,,,,,,, where have i been?? i never herd of this,, can i still get dat video. ur link ain working,,,,,,,, I hope u ain fired yet….. lol

  • Danny

    can i get that link or video sent to my email cause the link ain’t working

  • Wow. Shake actually had conversations?

  • Dre

    Somebody email it to me [email protected]

  • POWERbombTOtheFACE

    hahahah good shit Shake. GOT EM!

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  • Hilsibent

    Motherfuckas is dull as fuck.Read thru the fuckin comments,its a fuckin joke thats been up 4 2 year and u stil want a link fuck outta hear.Mafuckaz musta googled shit and brot them strait here,get off ur mamas couch nicca,stop jerkin

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  • this has to be one of the best jokes put on my by any site… i think this is actually how i got hip to this site…

  • Nantslali

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  • Porner

    Can you upload it again pls