• http://www.rockthedub.com khal

    "cannibal o, plus the x, love to sex, microphones..."

    i need this vast aire.

  • jonny

    sucks... sorry. but, what happened to this unit. sounds like amateur night. most artist progress... these two are standing stationary. and, that pete rock beat cant save them. a fond farewell to those who have fallen.

  • http://no-way-really.blogspot.com jack russell mf

    I'm gonna agree with the above. This is average at best to the unknowing ear, but because CanOx hit me so hard with the Cold Vein, this comes off as doody. And what's with the watered down impression of a Cold Vein beat by Pete Rock? Disappointing and painful on so many levels.

    It's too bad what happened to these guys with Vast running his mouth off about Def Jux and Vordul's personal problems. This kind of strife usually brings out the best in artists. Not today, though.

  • str8

    I was feeling vast on the mighty joseph lp. Canox needs strong ass production to carry them, but this beat is average at best, below average even considering who produced it...

  • dub

    uh.....mecca ain't pete rock, guess all those mushrooms clouded can o's knowledge of history

  • http://blogs.hiphopdx.com/ambassador amanda

    I was listening to Cold Vein in class today.
    FOR class, I might add.

    Odd coincedence.

  • spellz

    yoh vast yo flow has been sick since the 1st day i heard u. i think i would have been lucky if i listened to cannibal ox at the age of 8. spellz from south africa