Nikki Jean + Mikey Rocks (The Cool Kids) (Video)


Mikey Rocks (of The Cool Kids) joins the beautiful Nikki Jean for her daily video journal. Oh you didn't know? Nikki drops a new update through her YouTube page daily to keep you on point with her life. I enjoy it, you might too. Here, Mikey reflects on his freeze moment with Jay-Z.

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  • ldnx10

    Usher Ft Beyonce & Lil Wayne - Love In The Club Part Two

    Just posted it on my blog:

    Get it up asap. Props to Lowkey aswell.

    Feel free to delete this if you want.


  • gotta love people who just use the comment section as an advertisement board.

  • Make Nikki Jean is the '08 version of Helen of Troy

  • webbie352

    they both faded