NYOIL & Peter Rosenberg Talk Nas’ Single (Video)

blame it on Shake April 24, 2008


Hot97’s Peter Rosenberg and Staten Island emcee NYOIL discuss Nas and his new single Be a Nigger Too. Also, I forgot to post yesterday, but check after the jump for NYOIL’s remarks about the similarities between Nas’ single and his track from last year, What Up My Wigger Wigga. He also goes on about Nas’ character, etc. A short sample is below, but be sure to check out Robbie’s spot (Unkut) for the entire thing…

Yeah y’all Nas is that nigga with his title screen printed on a black tee repping for Niggas world wide!

I’ve always said that from time to time in the creative stream of things there comes an artist that breaks the mold. That steps to the status quo and smashes it’s protective walls as if they were building blocks. That artist like this create the atmosphere for change in whatever industry they occupy. Artist like these establish a foundation that inspires other artist to free themselves of the yoke that was the stat quo. They in their own way speak Truth to power and shine a searing light on the lies and mediocrity that blind us.

But let me be clear Nas is not that nigga.

Be sure to check the full piece at Unkut!

  • jaydon the don

    i cosign everything oil says

  • I don’t, dude, tryin to make a name by goin at Nas , hahahah Nas can say wtf he likes yo, this is hip-hop, good,bad & ugly

  • Ra

    NYOIL released a real bad album,has been talkin around n around, goin on and on… jeeesus when this guy starts to deliver better music, than judgin others.. aint he a somekind of rapper? huh?

  • Bogodile

    I’m a true Nas Fan because Nas got mad rap talent, period!!! but like all of us, Nas got his weaknesses & we intend to judge him but his music is real…. everyone got the right to say what they want about any1, NYOIL did that about Nas… but thats his opinion I also got mine! Nas will never release another ILLMATIC, but he’s always going to give us GOOD MUSIC!!!!

    A Proud Fan from South Africa….

  • statensisland

    Thanks for such a wonderful information ……………..


  • Bam Bam Niggarow

    the hip-hop game is so lyrically weak, Nas is still the best thing spittin’, 15 years rhyming str8 fire !