Fall Out Boy - Beat It (Michael Jackson Cover)


What? Shake's a Michael Jackson fan. Shake's a FOB fan. So it's only natural I post this. Yessir!

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  • Didn't they do something like this A LONG time ago? I might be wrong...or was it another band?

  • Covering anything by MJ during the Big Three Period (Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad) is not a good look. Even for a talented group, let alone FOB, it's hard to do those tracks justice.

  • FatMexican

    @ Vizion

    You're thinking of Alien Ant Farm. That was a "Smooth Criminal" cover.

  • AH you got me FM - i thought AAF did a good job..

  • FOB can take their overproduced shit and go straight to purgatory.

  • hater haha

  • jon

    this disgusts me. at least the alien ant farm cover was classy.

  • jyzthi saowp sfaihyrck mskhjc bqnoj jemrpdx hegywmskl

  • ugotit

    FOB didn't do the song justice, but they got damn close. give 'em credit.

  • Peg-Leg

    haha- NO


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