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    Hey Shake this is Hallway....call Me I want in on the T's I got an idea or two that I feel can help. I'm going to talk to my peoples in Philly and Detroit I have a feeling that we can do more than just talk. You know the cell.

  • Belize

    Ill get one...and if its cool, ill spread em around my college

  • Bobo

    Papoose - Change Gon Come (50 Shots) . i think it was propably the first song that came after Sean Bell shooting when it happened.

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    Yo Shake - if you need a midwest rep to send out those shirts get at me. I've been feeling the same way with all these tracks and videos. Awareness is key but what is the next step?

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    well said.

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    I'll be honest homie, I don't know what I could do to help change things. Usually my mind is numb when it comes to matters like this because it's such a common occurrence in my neighborhood and I've seen it many times but this time it affected me. I guess when DJ Semtex asked me to speak on it, and then Wes over at SDSU (you'll see it soon) it just stirred something up inside of. It made me feel angry, I felt a tightness in my chest thats hard to explain. I just had to release that energy because if I didn't it would have eaten at me.

    I typically don't like to address situations like this on record because I feel my message can be misconstrued at times. Do I advocate violence? Honestly, I don't. When you listen to the majority of my music I actually try to convey peace and unity within my community. Not just where I live but musically aswell. My Pops (My mothers husband) is a Police Officer and I've met some good ones out there too. Not everyone behind the shield abuses there power but some DO!!!! When I made this record "Kill A Pig" I wrote it speaking directly to those people. All I did was reverse the actions and roles of those I am speaking of. Every line stems from something that they did and all I asked was "How would you feel it you were the victim?"

    Being the kind of person, the kind of artist I am it is hard not to speak my mind. There are so many things I feel that are wrong with the world and it bothers me. I was brought up thinking that silence is the best way to get by but I don't want to just "get by". I don't want to raise children in a world where they have to be afraid and scared to walk out there door. I cant stand by idly and just watch any more because I feel as if I am part of the problem if I do that. I can't be afraid or quiet anymore. These are the reasons why I speak on the truth within my music. I can't remain silent anymore. I won't feel right about it and I couldn't look myself in the mirror as a man or as an artist.

    Donny Goines

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    This is a dope idea.

  • http://tankusmaximus84.blogspot.com Mark Twain Fame

    damn that was prob the most compelling, intelligent, and most meaingful/proactive segments on 106th & Park ever. They need more stuff like that...use that as a forum instead of random crap videos and lil girls and boys jumpin around in the audience.

    and Jeff Johnson...dude was speaking some truth.

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  • hopps83

    Can I suggest somethin to y`all? Go to Wall Street organise a sit in? Bring all your cars to New York, Bring the city to a halt? You have to use the system against them.Frustration is more powerful an emotion than most, this how WE feel so therefore they too shall feel restricted and frustrated? Deny them there freedom and exercise yours. Im english we too are lethargic when these things happen but you think they would even try this shit in France. They would crisp that country in days. True freedom.

  • http://soundverite.blogspot.com/ jon jon

    word, there is real outrage and it's directed at the police who guilty.good-loookin

  • DKE

    im sick of people who talk non-stop about violence and all who are clearly using this tragic incident for their own stepping stone. be real or don't address it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/elprezidente El Prez

    brilliant article y'all...the thing that cats need to do is become Aware like jeff johnson said on the bet spot. Become aware of the Law, what they can and cant do to u. Because honestly, all this talk about burning shit down, etc, I lived thru the LA riots, grew up on Florence and normandie where it started, and that didnt accomplish anything but tearing down all the BLACK peoples neighborhood and putting us 10 years behind in the economic development of our inner city communities. We need to become more AWARE. I had a history teacher in high school that devoted time to educating us on what police can and cant do to you and this was very useful information that I wish more kids understood. and this was a white man that taught us that.

    In LA we view the police as a gang just like bloods, crips, ese's, etc so I dont believe shit they talkin bout and dont trust 'em at all, because they speak with a forked tongue, meaning everything that comes out their mouth is about manipulating you to best serve their interests. which is eliminating poor and disenfranchised people.

    Now shooting police is def not the way to go because you're not gonna win that fight, but awareness will make a dent.

    peace to all the artists who said they're piece thru song, vid, blog, etc. Matter of fact one way of awareness is throwing a concert or show of sorts to benefit fighting police brutality, rally and all that mixed wit good, but INFORMATIVE performances from artists who wanna donate they time for the cause. If its a way to make it happen, def sign me up...

    El Prez

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    Almost 100 murders in Chicago since January 1st most of them black on black crimes yet people get outraged over Sean Bell. I'm not saying is not sad but if your black and you live in an inner city your 100x more likely to be kill by someone doing dirt then by a cop. Why aren't Nas, Talib, Game, Al Sharpton, Joell Ortiz, Ice Cube, Chamillionaire & Bun B protesting, writing songs and speaking out about that? I just doesn't make since to me how we ready to shout that the cops are killing us when we kill each other over bullshit at a far greater pace.

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  • http://blogs.hiphopdx.com/ambassador amanda

    I'm so down for a shirt.
    And thank you for this post.

  • http://www.myspace.com/elprezidente El Prez

    thats true about those murders in chitown but that goes down and has been goin down for years in every ghetto of america... shieet, sections of LA such as watts, compton, lynwood, inglewood, are average OVER a 100 murders by this time of year. not to minimalize or trivialize it but you're just as likely to get shot by a cop as you are by another black or latino man in cali, and that goes for the rest of inner city america too.

    the reason why its so much more uproar over cops killing us than say the chitown murders, is that these cops are people who are PAID to UPHOLD the law and protect the COMMUNITY it patrols, not harass and hunt us down. these chicago murders are kids with no guidance etc that are making bad decisions that they might not be aware of, that goes to a deeper concern on how these kids are being raised by their parents and their commmunity being equipped with the quality of life to raise them right. in other words, those kids dont no any better while these cops are TRAINED to know the right way to conduct themselves to minimalize huan loss, and instead of that, they shot a man up till he looked like swiss cheese, so think about it...no death is more important than another, but that doesnt mean u can make blanket statements that it takes a cop shooting us before we get up in arms about all this killing goin on in our communities.

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    Shoot me a shirt! Ill pay watever

  • Cestert

    Spoken like a true soldier I feel where you coming from & those shirts sound like a good idea Definitely throw up the pics when you get them... On a side note you forgot to add that Mysonne track that he did over a year ago which to be honest is one of the best ones. If you need it let me know

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    hit me on the gmail

  • http://www.michaelpartis.blogspot.com Michael Partis

    Big up to you all for posting this list of reflections and commentaries on the Verdict. This needs exposure & MUST NOT BE LET GO.

    Also thank you for reading my article.

    In Struggle

    Michael Partis

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    Peace and Blessing everyone, I am Stacey Muhammad, director of the new short documentary film, I AM SEAN BELL, black boys speak. Please watch this important short film that has inspired many since it's debut online on Jan 1st. Any comments, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    you can also view the film online @ http://www.vimeo.com/wildseedfilms

    Thank you
    Stacey M

  • http://www.wildseedstudios.com STACEY MUHAMMAD



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    all foolery aside, this is real talk !!! i hear ya ELPREZ, we all gotta be more aware of significant things, and be ahead of the game, think BIGGG!!

    its crazy how some people never learn, i guess we gotta reach out to them ya kno.

    Yall Gotta also check out the Book , STOLEN LIVES :



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