Substantial - It's You (I Think) (Video)


Brand new video from QN5's Substantial (Maryland stand up!?). Produced by Kno (who I'm upset with right now. Yep), this is the second single off his album, Sacrifice. Which is dope, just as Vecks. I don't even wanna start on the mindfuck that was last night trying to see his and Cunninlynguists show. Sheesh.

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  • J.S.

    Holy shit, I didn't even know substantial is from Bmore... BMORE ALL DAY!!

  • Shake

    maryland. i just like sayin BMORE WHAT!? hahah

  • J.S.

    lol @ that

  • Hip-Hop

    The Music is popin Hot....

  • amanda

    MD can DEFINITELY stand up.
    I like that state. Most of it at least. Baltimore metro area and the city itself is pretty chill. And Silver Spring/Bethesda. And Largo and PG county and shit.
    Yeah, Maryland. Small but not so bad.

  • Gremlin

    tune is crazy

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  • lazypen

    props for upping this

    maryland heads! pg county!

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  • King Lashley

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