Res - You Know What (N.E.R.D. Reference Track)

Ever wonder how it would sound if another artist performed the N*E*R*D songs? Well, this is a reference track from their upcoming Seeing Sounds, where Res (now of Idle Warship with Talib Kweli) does what's to be used on the official joint. Extra shouts to OcTo aka the Traveling Man for this one. DOWNLOAD: Res

LL Cool J - Hi Again Haters Freestyle x Girl If I f. Trey Songz

Looks like James Todd is on that "MJ with the Wizards" comeback tip. From his upcoming mixtape with Kay Slay, Return Of The G.O.A.T. Props to Young Sav. Shake Edit: The homie Dow Jones just shot the rumored first single off Grandpa J's album Exit 13, featuring Trey Songz. DOWNLOAD: LL Cool J - Hi

Please Stand By...

What up my weekend dopeboyz and dopegirlz. Myself and Meka are making a little move to our own server. In which case there might be some glitches and bullshit going on over the next few days. Our apologies. The main issue will be with the URL. If you use there should be no

Jadakiss - A Millie Freestyle

Jadakiss joins the slew of emcees to hop on Lil Wayne's A Millie. See what I did. I called him Lil Wayne. After hearing the three tracks I posted off Tha Carter III I granted him the privilege of being called by his real name haha. Nope, I haven't checked the rest of the album

NBA Finals: Lakers vs Celtics!

Yes! Goodbye Detroit. Hello Celtics/Lakers Championship! History in the making for sure. Boston won the season series 2-0 but both games were without Gasol so I'm thinking LA takes it in 6. Definitely hitting the bar for each game. I can't wait. Game 1 - Thu June 5 LAL at Bos 6:00PM PDT Game 2

N.E.R.D. - Seeing Sounds (Snippets)

Well damn, if the internets aren't going beyond ape shit right now with the Lil Wayne leakage! So Tha Carter III is out there, but what about the other dope albums on the way? Did everyone forget that N.E.R.D. has an album dropping the same day? I sure didn't, and when my man OcTo hit

Lil Wayne - Mr. Carter f. Jay-Z x More!

So eskay called it earlier yesterday (sort of), a few tracks off one of the most anticipated albums of the year, Tha Carter III, has sprung a leak. We need Mario & Luigi up in this bitch! It's been a bad week for the lollipop man. First he goes on a tyrant about mixtape DJs

DJ Scream, DJ Dub, DJ Furious Styles & Nas - Reverse Racism (Mixtape)

While the internet world awaits the leakage of one Dwayne Carter, another emcee has people in anticipation. Although the video for Nas' Be a Nigger Too hasn't dropped yet. New Music Cartel's Lowkey has some footage of the screening last night over at his spot. And since he dropped some exclusive stuff, I figured Shake

Donny Goines x Nakim - Crack Distributors Radio Interviews (Video)

[vimeo 1092941] Crack Distributors Radio continues to knock out interviews with the upcoming emcees in the game. I just posted their interview with AC today and now they already have my man Donny Goines talking about his upcoming album, Minute After Midnight, working with Dame Grease, his upcoming projects, NY hip hop and more. GFCNY's

Charles Hamilton - Toy Story x Brooklyn Girls

In between dropping exclusive after exclusive we at the New Music Cartel like to drop a little something something off from the upcoming emcees out there that have some talent. After countless emails traded back and forth, we had a plan to drop about 6 tracks from this Ohio born spitter. That was a few

Kanye West Explains Video Leaks

I was wondering when Kanye was going to speak on the leakage of the first two versions of Flashing Lights. He just put out a response on his blog. I shot 3 vids for flashing lights cuz I ain't like the first 2. I loved the 3rd one that I released with Spike and hit

AC - Crack Distributors Radio Interview (Video)

[vimeo 1091338] The Staten Island emcee talks to Crack Distributors about his new videos for New Soul and Trapped on the Island: the Flashing Lights Prequel. He also discusses his new projects and the importance of original material in hip hop and much much more.