Drake – Comeback Season (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka May 1, 2008

Since Shake is somewhat under the weather, I’m updating from the main hustle to keep us rolling in theoretical dollars for the masses. Duke was on that Mickey Factz joint the other day, and KNOWxONE hit me with his latest mixtape. I’d do the tracklisting, but I’m too busy making coffee right now to even bother. Shake Edit: If you didn’t know, Drake‘s an emcee out of Canada (T-Dot what!?!). Done tracks with Little Brother, The Clipse, Dwele and more. Meka Edit #2: KNOWxONE supplied the tracklisting under the cut.

1. Intro
2. The Presentation
3. Comeback Seaon
4. Closer (ft. Andreena Mill)
5. Replacement Girl (ft. Trey Songz)
6. City Is Mine
7. Barry Bonds Freestyle
8. Going In For Life
9. Where To Now (Prod. By J Dilla)
10. Share
11. Give Ya (ft. Trey Songz)
12. Dont U Have A Man (ft. Little Brother & Dwele)
13. Bitch Is Crazy
14. The Last Hope (ft. Kardinal Offishall & Andreena Mill)
15. Must Hate Money (ft. Rich Boy)
16. Asthma Team
17. Do What U Do (RMX) (ft. Clipse)
18. Easy To Please (ft. Richie Sosa)
19. Faded
20. Underdog (ft. Trey Songz)
21. Think Good Thoughts (Prod. By 9th Wonder)
22. Teach U A Lesson
23. Missin You (RMX)
24. Man Of The Year (ft. Lil’ Wayne)

DOWNLOAD: Drake – Comeback Season (Mixtape)

  • Mr. Rogers

    And you forgot to mention he’s Jimmy off Degrassi….

  • msloop

    and you called him Duke in the second line

  • JF

    Been listening to Drake for about a year and a half now.
    His first mixtape was “Room for Improvement”.
    IMO, Drake is the best up and coming rapper out of everyone.

  • Soooo he’s some guy off a teen drama from canada. I fuckin hate that shit. And now refuse to listen

  • Nonchalant Misfit

    That cover looks like a Banana Republic ad

  • If ur on the show Degrassi stay the fuck outta rap!!!

    • Drake


  • msloop

    ppl know his name, no one knows you, hes getting paper and putting out half decent music, fuckin haterssss

  • duke = slang for person (ie dude, etc)



    mr. rogers lost

  • HaloHEad

    I like this shit. Dude was really apart of that terrible sho… SMH. Shake, u. da. man!!

  • msloop

    ya degrassi is shit, and damn i gotta get on ma lingo

  • I got a hold of this over the summer. Been bumpin it consistent ever since.

  • yup

    this shit is fire. dont sleep. but shake you mad late on this one my dude.

  • ~ by Meka on May 1, 2008.

  • msloop

    ya common shake! haha

  • ~ by Meka on May 1, 2008 x2

  • Haha, I’m late on it then. I just found this while searching around after hearing that joint with Mickey. Whatever, it’s new to me & it’s mad fresh.

  • chea

    *was just about to DL*

    *finds out dude was on degrassi*

    *falls out of chair laughing*

    *keeps laughing till i have tears in my eyes*

    *laughs more…at this banana republic ass neegra*


  • LD

    man drake this shit is old….he just put out a remix to a millie on his myspace thats CRAZY.

    another dope group outa t-dot (and cleveland) is Freeze & Doxx…what u know about them shake?

  • we did 3 songs with homeboy…

    drake is cool as shit and dope to boot

  • Drake is cool guy we have him interviewd on our website and all ya’ll should check it out



  • don’t worry Don 1 of them will come out this year, bet money on it! im stealing it for my album! bong bong. Lessondary.

  • Gremlin

    track with little brother is flame grilled

  • I put him on my list of “12 Emcees To Watch In ’08” a few months back and people were like “Why him?”. After they heard his joints off “Room For Improvement” and “Comeback Season” I didn’t hear any more complaints.


  • AT

    Lil Wayne does songs with everybody.

  • msloop

    i was being sarcastic shake

  • Yo.. If you dont know now you do.. I seen this nigga with his admittedly “Banana republic-ish” album cover, and know about his role on the very white Degrassi. Goin into hearin this dude i was just as skeptical as everybody else let down by these niggas who just wanna “try out” rappin as somethin to do. I played the Barry Bonds freestyle to see what he could do over one of kanye’s fye ass beats. By the end of the first verse, shit first 8 bars, I knew this dude is somethin serious. Plain and simple, dude can go. He can play with words well and reminds me of a young Kanye.. not jus cuz of the beat but because he’s not tryin to be hard or tough.. he keeps it as real as he can and he got my respect. if you cant see that then what you listenin to hip hop for?

    “And yo ex man is a hater, officially/ Prolly cuz he know I’m exactly what you wish he’d be/ Yeah, that’s the reason why he lookin hard/ Cuz I done snatched the Chips Ahoy out his cookie jar/ he jus mad cuz his girl at the house, with her tongue stickin out, like a Michael Jordan rookie card..” – Drake (Barry Bonds freestyle)

  • Drake is that dude. glad people finally recognizing kid got talent

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  • Tiffany

    I LLLOOVVEEE this and i love him, he is SOOO cute. He is soooo sexy. And he can rap AND sing, i LOVE Replacement Girl, I love love love BRAND NEW….He is SOOO talented….For Real -Tiffany (ST.LOUIS)

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  • Chris

    who gives a fuck if he was on degrassi, like seriously, it doesn’t knock his ability on the mic at all. and seriously, how much money are ya’ll mufuckas making? this kid is making money from music AND television. so stop hating bitches. and the music is dope, so even less of a reason to hate.

  • Yea I know Im late as shit, but I downloaded this last night and its heat. Drake is nice

  • Mazinkaiser

    Surprised the hell out me MANY MONTHS later. I’ll give the dude props though.

  • Cam

    How do i get this shit?….HELP ME!!haha

  • Cam man…you click the link that comes right after Download. And I don’t mean to be condescending, it’s just obvious….anyway, once you get to zSh*t you click download now, wait a few seconds for the download link to appear and click that. Then you wait 3 hours for zShare to figure it’s life out.

    No One On The Net Got Swagga Like Us (except probably 2dope and the NMC)

  • best nikka in the game right now…

  • Kid Adonis

    can I get a re-up on this?

  • ahah


  • aight so i Been Listenin to Drizzy drake rogers fa lil minute now..

    the nigga can Go.. but honestly i never pay’d attention the degrassi thing (quite shocking) well niggas gotta make cash sum how..

    with that being said i wouldnt knock the nigga.. honestly the nigga better then wayne,, and i think he’ll be around longer

    i mean shit the nigga gotta track produced by j dilla.. nuff said!

  • Dionn

    I have been watching him every since hes been on Degrassi….just because he came up on that show dont mean nothing.Everyone has to start from somewhere.You don’t know too many people that can sing,rap, and act…that are good at it as he is….so you people need to quit all that HAT’N cuz your not going to get anywhere and just give the man his props!!!…..

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  • Des

    oh.ficially my fav rapper (or at least top 3)…yall niggas hatin, so what if he was on degrassi, shit if they asked me i’d do that shit too hahaha

    “are any of yall into girls like i am? lesbihoooonest!”

  • pretty sexy and a good rapper too.

  • Tommy

    funny to see the difference a year makes…everyone was on his nuts at this website when “So Far Gone” came out…and Meka was too lazy to even put a tracklisting up for this mixtape when it came out. i think he is alright, but is a lot of hype mostly from Lil Wayne fans. give him a 7/10

  • Bizzy

    shit a 7/10 is pretty high lol

  • Terry

    OMG, Closer Is My New Favorite Song

  • J-adams_GET AT ME

    so what if dude was on t.v. as a kid, he spits fire now. I use to piss my bed as a kid but that don’t mean i’m a pussy for life you know

  • big head

    so m i the only one who this link doesn’t work for???

  • TEE.JAY.

    J-adams_GET AT ME you’re not a pussy for pissing your bed….
    you’re just a pussy for exposing it here LMFAO

  • Kohm

    i’m just guessing the link was working a year ago when it was posted………

  • Ray


  • jp

    this mixtape is rad.

  • LibraScale

    poppin. lovin it. in the crib ipod treo 800 and the vehicle. the ladies be definitely feeling the vibe.

  • Canada is better than USA bitches

    Drake is topshitt baby! <3

  • gucci bandana

    he’s real name is aubrey grahem from degrassi also know as jimmy who was shot and put in a wheel chair for life. I didn’t know he could rap this good I mean I saw a episode of degrassi when he killed this beat but it’s surprising how good he is

  • gucci bandana

    my favorite song is going in for life and say whats real

  • solid mixtape. barry bond freestyle kills it.

  • youknowme

    drake is the shit he spits harder than weezy and is bout to blow up for real

  • If anyone knows the name of that song in the first few seconds of “Crazy bitch on his album” Can you hook me up? I think its by Lupe Fiaso but I ain’t sure. It’s been killin me latley

    [email protected]

  • Sandra

    the first few seconds of crazy bitch is from a jay-z song & it’s been killin me that i dont know the name but i heard the song before ! ughhhh anybody ?

  • Shane

    That Jay-Z sample is from Dear Summer.

  • Melissa

    damnn i don’t care if he was on degrassi
    as long as you’re being yourself, and not trying to be someone else, what does your background have to do with it. nothing
    hiphop started out in the 60s as protest slogans and chants, then evolved into beats, then by the 80s gangster rap emerged and now, people rap whether they grew up in the slums or the suburbs
    so stfu. stop hating, the point is that he can rap
    not only that, but his voice is fucking smooooth
    i like his “banana republic” album cover, drake is sexy
    especially in a peacoat!
    and the download’s not working!!
    is it suppose to work for mac?!

  • BLeezyF27

    yooo…where did he get the “Must hate Money” Beat from>???

  • San

    isnt ‘best i ever had’ in this album?? :(

  • js

    you’re thinking so far gone San

  • bye haters, drake is the f’n esh, he’s makes his money out the ass, i dont see yur face on my computer screen, make a hot single than yu start saying esh bout my babe’, yall some f’n ducky. yu cant beat him and probaly yur money is nowhere compares to his . His cd’s/ mixtape pop so bye if yall think his corny yall better slab out of her. ily Canadian Bacom

  • Poet

    We have our hip hop hero, Drake, it’s time to be the humble person that you are and save hip hop, thank me later is going to change music. I’m ready for it.

  • Haven’t stopped listening to “Going In For Life” since I first heard; “Another Summer” on 213’s ‘The Hard Way’ album is where he got it from and I still love the hell out of that song. Favorite song of all-time, for real.

  • sally


  • MB

    If you think Drake’s wack then you either dont know him, or your jsut a straight up fucken idiot. Judging his career based on the fact that he used to be on Degrassi? Like c’mon fuck, hip hop isnt about being a hardcore gansta its about whatever you make it. Drake has an amazing flow and dope lyrics, i would compare his flow to eminem’s to be honest. Just because hes not spitting about robbing some bitch and busting a gat doesnt make him wack. He’s keeping it real and thats what hip hops all about. Open your eyes peeps.

  • MB

    PLus he can go ahrd with out being gangsta. athsma team, easy to please, must hate money, city is mine, what im thinking right now, overdose on life… the list goes on..

  • The Truth

    2 years later… LMFAO. Damn There was a lot of hate.

    He’s immune to these haters. Lol. Now he’s got the money, repping that YOUNG MONEY ENTERTAINMENT! Even if I feel that label is weak shit for his talent. He honestly would make any other label 100x better.

  • Drizzy’s Bday was on the 24 of October he turned 24 and is rich as fuck. what up HATERS ?????

  • I’ve gotta say, bein’ an actor and singin’ at the same time… that must be a lot of work for Aubrey (Drake) Graham. This is seriously interesting since it’s not out in stores. From what I’ve just heard from Drake, he’s been making his new album.