Batman: The Dark Knight (Trailer 2)


This played before Iron Man came on. Jeebus I can't wait. I forget who asked how Iron Man was in one of the comments so I'll just answer here. It was dope. RD Jr did really well. He played the arrogant millionaire perfectly! The storyline was straight, Ms. Paltrow was looking nice, action scenes were on point. Overall it was worth the money. Should be interesting to see where they take it for part 2. Just saying. Now onto Batman! I'm gonna leave it up to my esteemed dopeboy colleaque for his thoughts. Meka?

Meka: *shits himself*

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  • DKE

    damn you forgot me? haha, just playin'...dark knight looks dope, dropping on my birthday

  • good looks on this...wanna swap links bro. check out my page...get at my in my cbox

  • Fab

    I'm pleased to see a great blog posting the trailer of a great movie (I assure you, it's gonna be huge)

  • HaloHEad

    Damn thats cold! Not a batman guy, but this movie looks redick! Ironman I will be seeing soon. Oh and fuck the Spurs!

  • eightysbaby

    Yea I thought Iron Man was well done as well. RD was born to play Tony Stark. Looks like we'll see plenty of those in the future since they pulled in a quarter of a billy world wide over the weekend.

  • restless

    Oh Batman's my shit... def. gotta catch Ironman though.. thing took in 100.7 mil!! 4th highest 'superhero' premiere

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