A Preview to Detox?

blame it on Shake May 8, 2008

I got this wild email today about Dr. Dre and Detox. Check after the jump for the run down of this song. Basically what you are listening to is supposed to be the upcoming buzz single to Detox. It’s not finished as it actually has an emcee named Prophet rhyming the parts. The production is by WallStreet and Dr. Dre. So take it as a song that might be on Detox… Dre will be rapping though, this is for Dre so he can learn the song, flow, etc. This is what you call behind the scenes shit haha.

DOWNLOAD: Prophet (Dr. Dre) – It’s Like That (prod. Dr. Dre & WallStreet)

Recently, I received some records submitted for Detox which were written by an artist by the name of Prophet. We didn’t end up keeping any of them but Dre liked his style of writing and the production so he wanted me to fly him and the producer WallStreet out. Once they arrived everyone got acquainted and started working. WallStreet pulled up a sample and started crafting the drums as Prophet who funny enough is a reggae/hiphop artist started writing the rap. The chemistry in the room was amazing. Dre walked in and heard the track and the first thing he said was we need to replay the sample and we’ll have a buzz single for Detox. Dre got on the boards and started to get more involved with the production. He started to EQ WallStreet’s drums making them sound 10 times bigger. He had the guitar and strings played over and the finish product of the track was CLASSIC Dre. Prophet continued to write the record and then laid his vocals to the record so Dre could learn the song. I expect Dre to lay his vocals down in the next day or so. It will be extremely hard if not impossible to get the song because no one has access to the files once Dre records to it. For now, all I have is the version with Prophet’s vocals on it.

Of course I left out a few paragraphs to keep dudes identity clear. Take it for what it’s worth. It could be all bullshit for what I know, but who knows. The song would be hot if Dre would drop some vocals though. Let’s see what happens…

  • HaloHEad

    the base line is tough. once dre hits this its a rap, as far as 1st single IDK. I think him and the white hope should do a forgot about dre 2 type shit, wow i justed creamed thinkin about it lol. good lookin Shake’ n bake!

  • I don’t care about detox.. Assuming it actually drops and nevuary 48th I might get it

  • santinog

    Oh damn this is dope… if Dre spit that same verse it would be classic D.R.E. shit. This prophet dude layed down a sick verse and the doc would absolutely kill this shit.

    Detox is finally comming, I can feel it!


    The westcoast is on the come up.

  • buzz

    all this tells me is Detox is still at least 18 months away from dropping, if EVER

    and realy, Dre is going to put together an album completely written by other people….who really fuckin cares anymore?

    and obviously Dre will know about this coming out on the internet and probably go into hiding again for another year

  • pyrex stirs

    this track leaked months ago with all them other pre-tox joints

  • This is bitter sweet. Song is fire and I know Dre doesn’t write but it’s like to hear this is damn “Dre doesn’t write” eventhough i already know.


  • GyeahButNaah

    super dated.

    if dre comes back on some of this tired ish he’s better of retiring with Em.

    Plus this leaking almost ensures if it is legit – it wont be on the album now. Look at those royce/dre joints from 2001. They were fire but got shutdown after the guide vocal versions like this leaked.

  • JaV

    this is good shit, dre kills it…i wish he would drop detox, and if he ever does it better be absolute fire cuz its been too long, expectations would be mad high.

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  • J. Wonder

    this slaps without DRE but put DRE on this and DION on the hook…we have a classic!

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  • J. Wonder

    o yea haven’t heard anything from prophet b4…dude is sick! where is this dude from?

  • pyrex stirs

    do i need a q-tip or does prophet sound like gayme?

  • santinog

    Yeah Shake think you could get some stuff from this Prophet cat? I tried to find some material from him but couldn’t find anything…

  • This is official….I’d love to hear Game on this….

  • 421


  • eightysbaby

    Man, Im tired of getting my hopes up, and if this is a pre cursor to anything Detoxish, them niggas better step it up. This is aiight.

  • lol @ who cares anymore. all you niggas know that once a confirmation of Detox comes, you all will be salivating.

  • .maxiM

    I don’t like it, to me it’s a bullshit story. A marketing plan for this motherfucker who raps like The Game. Fuck’em, Dre must get back and drop the bomb.

  • i was just about to say – this nigga sounds just like Game!

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  • Props… shame this leaked actually, it ain’t gon’ be on the album now. Track is fire.

  • Drefan


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  • Speedz


  • Will

    I can see Dre merkin’ this track!Once he lays his vocals and fatten up the beat a lil,then this can be a lead single!Dope!Peace.-Will

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  • I’ve been a fan of West Coast rap since the time of The Chronic and Doggystyle. In fact, as a producer, I’d have to say that Dre is my BIGGEST influence! (click on link below)


    That being said, I know how anal he is about even the littlest thing (EQ freq. of a clap, quantization, etc.), which I guarantee is why we’ve all been waiting for the album since 2004. Then 50 Cent/G Unit happened…then Eve – the list goes on and on.
    However, if he doesn’t drop it this year, the hype is going to slowly fade away, and “Detox” will become Hip Hop’s equivalent to the fabled Guns N’ Roses “Chinese Democracy” album.
    As far as the supposed leaked track that’s on 2DopeBoyz, I highly doubt that it’ll be on the album. I happen to know for a fact from a VERY reliable source that there have been over 230 records on the Detox “tracklist” that are to be narrowed down to 13 actual songs, not including skits. The ‘leaked’ track, although VERY good, is most likely one of the 230 that were thrown out.

    So, my final word on the matter? –


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  • Dtoxsooncome

    This track wont even be on Detoz now that it has been leaked. Once a track is leaked Dre wont fuk wid it.