Eli Porter – The Elicist (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake May 12, 2008

I swear I’m losing it right now. On the verge of complete hilarity break down (or something). Meka’s homeboy and should be winner of the best rap battle of all time, Eli Porter, just dropped a mixtape. He did it! I just spotted this over at The Exactly and haven’t even listened yet. Swagger jacking at it’s finest. And yo, Lil Wayne even hopped on a Eli track?! Enjoy, I know I will…

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01 Imma Have to Give It To Mah Boi (Intro) f. J-Dub
02 The Infamous Iron Mic Freestyle
03 Deed It
04 Best Man
05 Cat On The Grill
06 Funk Mix
07 Soul Mix
08 Dirty Mix
09 Jungle Mix
10 Over 9000 f. Nappa & Vegeta
11 Eli Responds To Controversy (Marv-O, J-Dub & A-14 Diss)
12 Eli Spits Fire (Freestyle)
13 Da Best Mayne (So Hood Remix)
14 See I’m The Best
15 I Keep It For Real f. Lil Wayne
16 Eli Is Possessed (The Elicist)
17 Still The Best (Outro)

DOWNLOAD: Eli Porter – The Elicist (Mixtape)


    looks like hot fiya!!!

  • ROFLMAO… I’m scared to listen to this… well all I got to say is…

    Maaaaaaaaayyyyyyyynnnnnnnneeeee. I did it.


    haha, wow!!!!

  • *vanquished*

  • hahahahha

    *contemplates d/l it*

  • timmy g

    hope this is hot.. im still downloadin it anyway

  • *head explodes*

  • Y’all are welcome for this. =) Eli hit me up and was like… “Yo D, I put together this new mixtape. Get it out there however you can.”

    Since this IS 2dopeboyz (my favorite hip-hop blog), I’ll drop the bonus disc: “For Doz Dat Ran From Da Cat.” Only posted on one forum so far. Dropped it an hour or two ago.

    Cover: http://i31.tinypic.com/n2mz5s.jpg

    01. vs. Envy (4:15)
    02. vs. Raindrop (1:37)
    03. vs. Raindrop (Alternate Ending) (1:38)
    04. vs. Serius Jones (3:09)
    05. vs. V.I.C. (1:25)
    06. vs. War Machine (0:56)
    07. vs. Soulja Boy (1:06)


  • BLuHaZe

    hahaha, yea i d/led this yesterday… Mixtape of The Year!

  • Woooooow! /Flava Flav.

  • this shit is awful hahahah

  • djdsouff

    Wait…this is for real?

  • Fux

    Yo give me the synopsis on this shit like Shake or Meka listen to it for me. I have a game to watch

  • This is most definitely real.

  • awful? mixtape for the real. jungle rmx ftw

  • thegrip

    Ohhhh damnnnnnn I can see it….

    05/18/08: After the huge success of his leaked mixtape The Elicist, Def Jam signed him to a 2 album deal…

  • charlito

    *passes out*

  • jaydon the don

    it isnt real and is composed entirely off lyrics from the battle. however its still a must cop for the sheer joke of it all. some of the refixes the guys who made it were actually dope. for example the wayne track uses the a millie accapella and it sounds way better!

  • EnglandRepresent

    Eli Porter = Best Lyricist of 2008

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  • BLuHaZe

    its more than a Mixtape, its a movement..

    i heard Khaled got a verse from Eli for his next single, all they do is argue about who the best..

  • kid karacho

    its more than a Mixtape, its a movement..

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  • Tma

    this is awesome if you havent seen him search youtube. shit is priceless, this mixtape is timeless

  • haha, nice to see my mix made it (#12).

  • ate

    beat gives me goosebumps

    that’s how you know

  • Rap Muzik

    This is fire!! Wow, unsigned hype right here…

  • whiskey tengo

    Pure comedy.

  • magicrobot

    this blows! Eli kills it in his 1 min of fame! using his status to hustle your mixtape!!? biting his lyrics!!???!! WTF is wrong with you??!!! get some talent of your own, get a life!! and someone PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZ find Eli and get a real release done for the guy, so HE can get some off his own fame.

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  • not eli

    damnit. the link has expired. Where can I d/l both mixtapes now?