• antonii

    sounds 100% fake to me
    maybe fiddy jumpin on the bandwagon 2 promote terminate on sight

  • Art_Of_Wordz

    just when i thought us southerners had the worse accent this dude pops up...I`m in the club right,i`m in the club right LOL

  • http://www.makellbird.info makellbird

    yeah shit sounds fake as hell

  • http://www.myspace.com/iillaim ILLAIM

    I'm in the club right.......


    Come on people lol....

  • http://chiground.com chiground

    wow, that was the worse interview i have ever heard...lol and he was calling her a bitch

  • http://fwhatyouheard.wordpress.com/ Desperado

    They playin' that Usher joint, Love in the Club, and I'm in the club right? So... I'm in the club, right? Hold on...

    Aight, I'm in the club, right?

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    where are you at?

  • http://www.d.com LILolife

    sounded fake to me but his LA accent was classic. hahahaha

  • http://everythingyoulovetohate.blogspot.com/ SWITCH™

    can you hold on can you hold on...

  • santinog

    this shit is fucked up lol.
    suge knight got fucked up though thats some funny shit, it'd be even funnier if it was actually by this guy haha.

  • http://www.myspace.com/elprezidente El Prez

    damn, and I was JUST at Shag last week...

    ...and dude is def from LA, I never really thought we have an accent, but I could tell from the first word where dude was from haha...
    Suge is a big dude tho, i bumped into him at a club before, literally, and my skinny ass almost flew across the club lol...

  • Art_Of_Wordz

    i`m still in the club right wait hold on,i`m back in the club right lol

  • http://myspace.com/ebonycoe Ebz

    This interview was stupid.......dude can't talk right or something....this can't be real. lol

  • http://hiphopdx.com BMORE

    this joint is super FAKE!!! plus i knew NO ONE would be STUPID enough to show their face if they hit Suge in the head with a pipe...THATS INSTANT DEATH!!!!

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