Skillz – Design of a Decade v.1 (The 90s) (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake May 14, 2008

Skillz teams up with J. Period & Don Cannon for a new mixtape. Dope! Came across this on his OKP blog. Instead of me explaining this, check after the jump for Skillz thoughts on the project, as well the download link…

Now I don’t do that many mixtapes, I think I may have like 5 or 6 to my credit. Maybe because I just dont really get inspired to spit over whats hot right now and leak it to the world. I feel like doing something special when I do something, something that will stand out from what else is being at the moment. Picture me rapping over Lollipop right now?? LOL, aint happening homie! So I came up with this idea to do a mixtape series on decades of music. I had to start with the 90’s cuz that music influenced me the most. And when I started pulling songs it was a zillion, I couldn’t decide on which ones that I wanted to do. So these songs are me paying respect to the cats who inspired me. I still get in the car and pick a week where I just listen to one artist all week whenever Im in the car so I can remember how I felt when I first heard those songs. Like last week I listened to Eric B & Rakim all week long, every song, every album. It helps to inspire me ya know? I can’t get inspired by what I hear on the radio. I titled the songs by their initials so you wont know what I did over until to hear the actual song, so check it out, ride with it (it plays perfect in a ipod) vibe to it and hopefully I can make you feel the way I felt while making it. Shout to Cannon & J. Period for making it with me…look out for future volumes cuz I can do these joints all day long!! LOL! Make a playlist and rock out to…

DOWNLOAD: Skillz x J. Period x Don Cannon – Design of a Decade v1 (The 90s) [via Skillz]

  • Skills needs to do original tracks … Not keep freestyling over old instrumentals.

  • J. Todd

    Uh So Far So Good feat. Common? Skillz is the illest!

  • louhh

    great tape.
    no lollipop. leave that to the bullshit mcs