Only in Vegas...

As much as I don't care for my city, the wildest things do get brought up. So TMZ is reporting that Suge and his KO'er are being asked to fight in Vegas for a millie. Again, it's TMZ for heaven's sake but it's still entertaining as shit. And you know if it goes down, Shake will be ringside with my laptop...

TMZ has learned that several Las Vegas promoters -- including Jeff Beacher of Beacher's Madhouse -- have invited Suge Knight and the guy who knocked him out to face up in a bare-knuckled cage match that is. If all goes to plan, the fight would go down on New Year's Eve and the winner would receive a cool million bucks.

SMH. And in more Suge fuckery, check after the jump for footage of Kimbo Slice knocking him out at the same club...


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  • Clark

    Thats just some crazy ish. I hope his ass gets knocked out again. This smells like a Don King idea. I wouldn't be surprised if they had Chris Tucker there to jump in the ring after Suge is down and say "You got knocked...The F*** Out!!"

  • Meka

    i SO tried not to post this piece of fuckery.

  • 421

    this can't be real; suge was knocked out by a pipe, not a punch

  • Shake

    i HAD to. it's my city haha.


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