MTV’s Hottest MCs in the Game (Full List)

blame it on Shake May 17, 2008

MTV has put up their complete list of the Hottest MCs in the Game (according to them). Kanye takes the number one spot as Hov inches out Weezy for number two. That’s right, it’s the ROC you bitches! Raawws, Snoop, Lupe and Curtis all made the list. Hit the jump for the order…

[click name for rundown]

10 T.I.
09 Andre 3000
08 Young Jeezy
07 Lupe Fiasco
06 50 Cent
05 Snoop Dogg
04 Rick Ross
03 Lil Wayne
02 Jay-Z
01 Kanye West

  • MISTA23

    MTV is more retarted than Mike Brown’s play calling. How is Ross at 5? Snoop Dogg gets over Lupe? Even Curtis deserves higher than Snoop and Ross. Why would they make this so early in the year?

  • Hollow Point

    This is fuckin Bullshit. Fuck Mtv. How in the hell are they experts. This whole list is wrong on so many levels.

  • str8

    LOL @ rick ross being #4. I’ll take a hit of whatever they’re smokin, please.

  • shenanigans

  • KRSFraz

    While the rest of the list is suspect i cant disagree with Yeezy at number 1

  • shake you messed up the list. you put 5 two times it says

    “5 Snoop Dogg
    5 Rick Ross”

  • Crooked I’s buzz is bigger than half the people on that list

  • thank you sir, fixed.

  • Yung Drew

    Crooked I (^) doesn’t have nearly the buzz… what the eff yuu smokin’…

    With respect to their list, I definitely think that Lu needs to be top 3.

    I think it should be #1) Kanye #2) Lupe #3) Wayne #4) 3000 #5) Jay

  • JayDEEChangedME

    #1) Kanye #2) Lupe #3) Wayne #4) 3000 #5) Jay
    couldn’t agree more.
    except for wayne should be 5
    and jay 3

  • dub

    wonder why neither of CLipse are on there? oh maybe because MTV doesn’t wanna have to publish brilliant lyrics that just happen to be entirely about cocaine

  • MISTA23

    Word @ dub. Pusha T’s verse from “Dey Know Yayo” alone bodies Rick Ross and knocks down Wayne at least 2 spots. Plus he hoped on a bunch of records. Wasn’t in the mainstream eye enough I guess…

  • eightysbaby

    Kanye being #1 is on point like an arrow. Ye Tudda was and is still on a mean run. Everything else is up for debate. I dont know how Rick Rawse is so high, and I think they threw Snoop on there to appease him from last year.

    Shake I know you watching these Lakers go in on punk ass Utah

    *pumps fist*

  • TBart

    Do any hip hop heads really give a fuck what mtv says…anyone…nope didnt think so…

  • eightysbaby

    wonder why neither of CLipse are on there? oh maybe because MTV doesn’t wanna have to publish brilliant lyrics that just happen to be entirely about cocaine


    Ima Clipse stan, but besides the Mixtape that dropped Superbowl weekend, they havent really done anything. Even now they’re library quiet, besides Pusha.

  • ya dig?

    lol, crooked definitely has all sorts of buzz…hip hop weeklys, bossacre album. wtf did jay even do recently? yeah, kanye should be there, wayne unfortunately, but crooked’s definitely got a lott of people waiting on the album

  • ya dig?

    bossacre mixtape*

  • JD

    I agree wit Pusha bein on that list but Fab never gets no love and he consistent wit it and snoop shouldn’t be on the list.

  • eightysbaby

    lol, crooked definitely has all sorts of buzz…hip hop weeklys, bossacre album. wtf did jay even do recently? yeah, kanye should be there, wayne unfortunately, but crooked’s definitely got a lott of people waiting on the album


    People been waiting on that Crooked Album for 10 years.

    All I know is the Lakers just whooped that ass

    *Pumps Fist*

  • ah well, they tried a least. better luck next year. Kanye is #1 though

  • Mr. Rogers

    no t-pain…can’t fuck wit it

    snoop dogg hasnt even sold 150,000 this go-round….if thats any measurement…how has hov jumped lil wayne by anything other than artistic integrity, and if thats involved would put andree 3000 higher…

    but then again this is what they want us to do, talk about this shit, so imma shutup

  • Scorpio Mcfly

    i knew he was gonna be number one is it true hellll no but hes there

  • lollerskates

    lol @ anyone mentioning crookedi !!dude is an internet rapper!! having a buzz on hiphopdx don’t mean shit! nobody in the real world know who dude is!
    get real people! smarten up!

  • Klowner

    MTV has no sense…i believe that half the people on that list don’t deserve to be called hottest “MC”. Tho i respect why Kanye is at the top but i think Lupe should’ve been pushed higher

  • “the boss” is a beast, but raws @ #4 is kind of wild.

  • Mr.WillDoIt

    MTV is fighting for relevance! Kanye at #1 is dead on! Chuuuuuch!

  • Ebz

    f-ck this list. The only one they got right is Kanye even though I don’t like that nucca.

  • Ebz

    chamillionaire not being on here is BS. And jay-z being number 2 is str8 ass kissing.

  • Casso

    So by calling the list “Hottest MCs,” they just mean rappers whose videos MTV gets paid to play over and over between episodes of The HIlls and reality dating shows, right?

    Talent is obviously not a factor.

  • Chuck

    Does MTV still play music videos?! Why do they even bother? Why not make lists like “Hottest chicks from stupid reality shows that we want to see in a homemade porn.”
    I guess they are trying to be nice to Kanye after not giving him a moon man.

  • hopps83

    I told them motherfuckers over there that this degree of niggatery is not acceptable. I gave them strict guidlines of who should have been included. These motherfuckers killing Hip-Hop. Lets say you new to the genre and this is the list you see, Its gunna look like a chuk and Jive Crack version of sesame street. Fuck Em. I love me some Jay-Z but qoute me sumthin he said in the last 5 months… dont worry I wait?

  • gastro

    who cares?! I gotta a problem with the fact that Snoop DIDN’T write his lyrics on Ego Trippin’ and received the fifth spot.

  • jeff

    omfg retarded dumb assfuckers mtv!!!!hottest mc’s in 2008 had to conclude Crooked I, Styles P , The Game, Young Buck!!!!! mtv is a motherfucking joke! L.A.X

  • canin


  • canin

    They were on point with lil wayne, kanye and Jay. lil wayne needs to drop his album and he will be #1, just like Jay-z put it when he co-sign his lyricist spot.

  • saun123

    i knew i wont the only on ethat thoughyt that lupe should be higher(the cool hot ass album) and Pusha bein sum where on the list(any we got it 4 cheap mixtapes and recent remixes)and ross fat ass should of been number 11 dammit,

    im probably the only one that think cass should be on there sum where

  • Amanda Novotny

    i think that T-pain should be on this list, even though he doesn’t have an album he still makes music hot and he makes all the songs better, with out him there would be less listeners to that song, for instance low bye flo rida,Cash flo by ace hood, rick ross boss, and many other songs, which features T-pain.

  • R Dub

    I know this list is the hottest of 2008 and not the best, but 50 did absolutely nothing since the last list IMO. He made the last list b/c of “I Get Money”. What has he done since? Rick Ross last album sold 250 K in his first week, but I wouldn’t say he’s of the 5 hottest.

    I don’t think Kanye is the best rapper, but its hard to deny he’s one of the hottest. UGK dropped one of the best albums last year and have been killing guest appearances. I think Pimp C and Bun B should’ve been on the list. Lupe should’ve been higher too

  • Juircerox

    Uhh, Pimp C is dead, guy.

  • dimelayer

    why is jay-z snoop and 50 on this list jay-z doesnt even have a song snoop gettin the same treatment as jay and just cuz they were hot 6 or 7 years ago they put out an ok song and are immediatly overrated and 50 has declined on every album since G.R.O.R.D.T imo its kanye(not the best but on top cuz wayne didnt have an album), wayne(the best rapper not havin an album dropped him down),lupe(lyrics actually have a meaning)

  • thatladfromengland

    how didn’t 3 stacks get near Jay-Z?? lol

    pusha T?, Phonte?, black thought???

  • thatladfromengland

    yeh and pimp C defo aint the hottest, probably the coldest…

    *feels guilty*

  • Ameya

    ok im extra late ..
    but i think they were goin on how has the biggest name.
    plus mtv doesnt really listen to the roots.
    they were right bout kanye.
    but lupe & T.I.[ppl sleep on him] should be higher.
    snoop shouldn’t be listed [even tho i like him].
    R Dubb: jigga did come out wit American Gangster in November after Kanye’s. && i know didnt come out too long ago.
    But MTV needs too look at longevity. If wayne keep drinkin & smokin dat shit .. he aint gonna here for long.
    Wit kanye, lupe, and 3000 they have the ability to relate wats in & focus on life and hip hop; not partying n selling drugs.

  • I disagree with 50, snoop, and jay. I think lupe fiasco shoulv’e made it over 50 at least the top 5 and talib kweli over snoop cuz both of them are lyrical assassins. Nas should of been on the list or even plies because plies came hard this year. I dnt disagree with rick ross being at #4 cuz he also came hard. But i hate the fact that yall put jay-z over wayne, R U SERIOUS??? wayne has been on more tracks than jay has been in his entire career and wayne never stops on mixtapes. Wait till the carter 3 comes out then he’ll b #1 again.

  • Patty Dre

    mtv should die….
    Where’s Talib, Common, Nas????
    Why isnt Dre after Jay-Z?
    Why is Lupe so low…
    Why is Jeezy and 50 even on the list…

    come on mtv…

  • the1oneandonly

    Carter 3 bitchesssss

  • young weezy

    this is a load a bull shit why tha fuck is andre 3000 on there nd why is ti at bottom i think it shud of gone down like this 1) kanye 2)jay 3)weezy4 )ti 5)50 6) jeezy nd then the rest off em

  • ralph malph

    Rick ross shouldn’t be on the list. he’s a fraud and he sucks.

  • Rizzo King

    Fuck ya’ll for hating on the Baaawes, Rick Ross deserves to be in the top 5 (If U dont think so what the fuck have U been listening to)?. This nigga’s flow is mad-nice and he had an excellent season.

  • ethics

    what about em??
    where the fuck is he?