Crooked I - Dream Big f. Akon

blame it on Shake May 21, 2008

This is what I'm talking about. Shake premiering the first single off Crooked I's upcoming album, B.O.S.S., featuring Akon, produced by Detail. I heard this a few weeks back and have been waiting for it's release (what up Mickey!?!). I know a lot of Crook fans have been fiendin for it and here it is. Crooked spoke on the creation of this joint and the similarities it has with the title to the The Game's single in Part 1 of my interview with him for HipHopDX.

DOWNLOAD: Crooked I - Dream Big f. Akon [or ShareBee]

  • *got it first*

  • str8

    holy shit!!

  • MISTA23

    Dope. Nice to see he didn't switch up the style for a track with a the Akon feature. I smell video. Hopefully that'll wake some cts up.

    Game 1 in the bag. Ray Allen pissed me off doing more bitching than shooting.

  • HaloHEad

    Yeah this is cool. Crooked as grown on me. It's just something about him that makes me think he aint gonna blow up... we'll c tho i may be way off. Good luck and good looks on the exclusive Shake n Bake. You stay on that bullish.

  • Bugs

    yall do not fuck around

  • LMAO

    got anything you did without DX?????


    THE "SHAKE" would MELT without http://www.hiphopdx.com

    Remember That>

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    Good looking Shake! I just sent ya an email too.

  • RAE

    i just realized that MTV didnt even mention crooked one time in their convos about the hottest mcs in the game.. and the more i think about it, the more sick to my stomach i get. the man made fuckin history, and was clearly more active and had more buzz than anyone for the entire fucking year.. good grief

  • This is the single?

    hardly hard..

  • str8

    I really want Crook to get his due, but I don't see it happening with this track, unfortunately. He had a much better chance with N.W.A. or Boom Boom Clap. I still like this song, but I just don't see it becoming much of a hit, despite the Akon feature.

  • AT

    Is this a street single or an actual single becoming a video?

  • americangangster103

    mad song... no doubt - but I don't know .. hopefully it will gain mainstream attention, but with crooked reluctant to switch up his style, im not so sure that it will happen.. but hopefully crooked will achieve mainstream success!

  • SMH

    he looks like an overweight old man in that picture

  • The next big thing (nasri)

  • this track is 6/10 ....falls into the pack of somewhat boring hip hop

  • got anything you did without DX?????


    THE “SHAKE” would MELT without http://www.hiphopdx.com

    Remember That>

    LMAO said this on May 21, 2008 at 4:07 am


    this schmuck plus that killa dude...damn shake you official now cause you got some official haters commenting on the blog. sheesh.

  • Shake I know you saw that big news from themegatrondon.com

  • ItsCappa-UHomo

    FUCK Megatrondon.... i couldn't figure out how stop that (fucking dope) beat from playing. i hate sites that do that.

  • The Cool Kids - The Bake Sale EP


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  • this schmuck plus that killa dude…damn shake you official now cause you got some official haters commenting on the blog. sheesh.

    yep yep. And i found out LMAO is that dude i aired out about swagger jacking. just a jealous dude wanting attention is all.

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  • MothFckinW

    U got this shit off Crooked's myspace u loser.

    and dubcnn beat u to posting this before any other rapsite anyways

  • actually i got it sent right from crooked i's studio and was the first to post it. they had it on a podcast but not the mp3. you lose again. keep trying though. one day you might succeed!

  • DubCNN-Nima

    Actually we did premiere this before you. Thanks for attempting, but the L is in ur column. 1 yaself cuz we ain't.

  • Now who the hell would post some shit like that under my name? I was just hit up by 2dopeboyz about this comment, and that was my first time hearing about it.

    Big ups to Shake, keep up the good work, you know I fucks with you.

  • lol @ fools taking the time to speak like they are someone else. get a life!

    *bumps B.o.B's "Haterz"

    what up nima!? you see, 2db is respected by legit sites. sorry if that upsets some of you people out there who hate on others that are making it.

  • LMAO

    smh @ Shake!!!!

    We see right through you. Try to do anything without DX and you might impress someone....

    YOU ARE LAME! mr zela

  • LMAO

    DX is your crutch, dude. We are over you. With sooooooo many blogs and sites....


    2 Dope Bitchez on the TIP of DX!

  • you're just mad because i called you on on itsBX. why don't you keep the same name around the sites? you must really love me. mad because i'm doing something with my life haha. way to go champ.

    lol @ me responding. damn you got me again.

  • LMAO

    i dont know who else can see thru you, but i dont need to diss you anyewhere else. thats my word.

    when you get big, people will call out the fakes.

    guess u gotta deal with it!

    mr shakester


  • thatladfromengland

    fucks sake

    shake dont hold us down with quality music for dickheads like u to play up, what are u really doin on this site???


  • DubCNN-Nima

    LOL @ Shake pretending to the real me..

    U Got beat...