(2)Dope Unreleased Stevie Wonder Snippets!

blame it on Shake May 27, 2008

Normally I wouldn’t post a snippet of a 1-2 songs because I think it’s pointless but this is Stevie fuckin Wonder dammit! Big ups to Phonte (yes that Phonte) for pointing me in the direction of these during our chillaxing session at the hotel room last night (more on that later). This is what music is supposed to sound like ya’ll. The shit that gives you goosebumps when you listen to it (for 3 hours on repeat mind you). Wow, quit reading what I’m saying, download the snippets and zone out!

From what I was told, these are from ’74, recorded sometime inbetween Innervisions and FFF. What I wouldn’t do for the full versions of these, but I’m not sure if we will ever get them as the person who leaked both tracks on OKP said he promised to never leak them. I also heard that it’s in Stevie’s contract that all his masters must be destroyed when he passes away. Damn! I’m on the fence on how I feel about it. I can see where he’s coming from as we all know what happened to Hendrix’ legacy with all the unreleased music being pimped to no end. I wouldn’t want to see that happen. But on the flipside [/no Peedi Crakk] the world needs this music! Stevie Wonder is one of those artists that has moved me on numerous occasions. Something I’m sad to say I won’t expect EVER happening again with these new r&b/soul artists.

In related news, if you are in Vegas on July 3rd I highly suggest you check out the Icehouse Lounge as there will be a Stevie Wonder Appreciation Night in which DJ Slimm and others will be spinning and playing music by Stevie, inspired by Stevie and interpretations of the geniuses’ work. Artwork (by Shake) after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Stevie Wonder – Snippet 1
DOWNLOAD: Stevie Wonder – Snippet 2

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  • yo tell whoever got these..to STOP PLAYIN. and post the full versions. the WORLD NEEDS THESE.

  • destroyed?!? WTF?!? why even make shit that won’t be released. FUCK THAT!

  • dub

    thank you so much for these, can only hope to one day hear the full versions

    btw….Innervisions = greatest album of all time


    Preciate the exclusive Stevie, my favorite musical artist ever. Stevie is the greatest song writer of all-time…They need to hurry up and drop the full version, the snippets are too much of a tease.