Jean Grae & 9th Wonder – Jeanius Covers

blame it on Meka May 28, 2008

Continuing on with album artwork, we have the four variants of Jean Grae and 9th Wonder’s long-delayed Jeanius album, set to finally drop next Tuesday. Check the jump, and if you can’t name where each cover is derived from, go play in traffic please.

(US limited release cover)

(international limited release cover)

(digital release cover)

(vinyl release cover)

  • G.O.M.D.


  • Gremlin

    I anit bumped black sheep or das in years! *goes to dust of the albums*

    “roll 2 spliffs so i guess i’m double jointed”

  • J. Wonder

    the album is out on iTunes already…i know the first 3 covers what’s the last one?

  • ebz

    I likesssss………

  • big rils

    @j. wonder: Dead Serious – Das EFX

  • Das EFX, Black Sheep, PE & OB4CL. Shake, what colors would you wanna see in a Lakers custom joint?

  • im a sucker for red, black and white. any mix of those colors i rock.

    it’d be cool to see a laker joint in ucla colors though!

  • *steals the UCLA idea* word up. Shake special.

  • Yianni

    wait, which one is the MC Hammer cover?

    haha jk. Those are dope covers… I swear I sound like my parents, but I miss that era in hip hop.. I’ll take that over (most) of the new shit any day.

  • eightysbaby

    All of those are strait up WACK albums

    *keeps strait face*

    *sips more of Wayne’s lean*

  • MISTA23

    Das EFX, PE, and OB4CL covers are the dopest.

  • ebz

    The one where he has on the raiders hat is the dopest :)

  • the public enemy one is the album it takes a nation of millions to hold us back

  • maaaan that Raekwon one is the worst…the Black Sheep album looks like 9th is giving backshots [//}, but those Das and PE covers are craaaaaazy

  • kraunik

    Lol at 9th doing the little dance in the Das EFX Cover

  • kameo

    maaaan get fucked the OB4CL one is the dopeish.!?

  • ebz

    ^^^ it’s uh that serious? lol

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  • if you don’t know
    now ya know

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