The Notorious B.U.M. (Video)


This has been on the internets for about 2 years, but I was just put on by a certain emcee out of North Cackalack (who reads this blog daily yet never comments. thanks a lot!). I'm with him... it's time to make some moNeeey! Dude got the hook game on lock! T-Pain and Akon need to watch out. Eli Porter f. Notorious B.U.M track coming soon, word to Hollow Point.

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  • Hollow Point

    LMAO! Why the fuck doesnt he have a deal yet??? They need to go ahead & get him on a track with yo man Eli Porter. Thats a classic in the makings.

  • Ron Mexico

    hahahahahahahahahaha its Tyrone Biggums Brother!!!

  • bo

    Lmao thats my area too dude is a celebrity over here around the University of Houston area hahahah I cant believe this video is on here

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  • am I to assume its Percy miracles

  • MiCaL

    "I thow my money on the flo! DOOMP doomp doomp" LMAOOOOOOO! Classic...

  • kraunik

    I think its hilarious that even a homeless man can rhyme like Shawty Lo

  • SwaggyGenius

    ROooooofl @ How entertainin crackheads are. Those fuckerz always dancin or rappin or somethin yo..God bless em =thumbz up=


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