Busta Rhymes - Don't Touch Me (Travis Barker Remix) (Video)


Travis doing what he does best. The man is a certified beast on the drums. That is all.

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  • woodini69

    mr travis lives 2 doors down from me .. hes always bangin on the drums and smokin blunts... dont know how !!but barker can bang on em'

  • ebz

    It was hot before but this uh added rock stank made it hotter IMO...I also need am mp3 of this stat (yes I plan to be a doctor) lol.

  • wasn't he the drummer in Blink 182? It feels weird calling anyone from that bad a 'certified beast' lol.
    But can't front, he's good.

  • i have no issue with calling him what he is. he was great back then too.

  • but...blink 182 was so non-beastish lol. it was...
    God, I can still hear them in my head.
    "say it ain't so, I will not go, turn the lights off, carry me home" or whatever.
    that was a little while back now, wasn't it?

    And his ex wife was fuckin gorgeous.
    Her Famous photoshoot > Aubrey's.

  • regardless of their music, travis held it down on the drums music wise.

  • yeah.
    and considering I used to play the drums, I know first hand that the shit is NOT as simple as just hitting something wiht a stick.
    so props to him.
    I preferred that other video that was out before tho of him remixing some shit, too bad I can't remember what song it was.

    ....no wait.
    soulja boy?
    was that it?

  • Kraunik

    Wether you liked Blink 182 or not (alot of ppl did) this guy has talent and i agree hes a BEAST on the drums..

  • insane

    This guy is a certified beast.... . i just wanna get in my car and do 100mph thru cars

  • Anon

    Someone fetch a MP3 on this shit.

  • jen

    He was a part of blink 182, but they were a manager band, kinda like elvis, the managers found something that people liked and made them famous. blink 182, was basically meant for travis, he is a beast, the man is talented, and they went with it, now he is famous, still rippin some mad beats, doin what he does best.


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