Lupe Fiasco - I Keep It Gutter Like f. Stack Bundles (Unreleased)

Andrew aka Mr. Fake Shore Drive aka I Got the Chi on Lock has been dropping gems left and right! I suggest you check FSD out from time to time as he has his hands on an unreleased Go Getters project which is a group that consisted of pre-wreck Kanye West, GLC & Really Doe and will be dropping them track by track as time goes by. On top of that he just dropped this unreleased Lupe Fiasco/Stack Bundles (R.I.P) joint.

DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco - I Keep It Gutter Like f. Stack Bundles (Unreleased)
BONUS: Go Getters - Let Em In (Unreleased)

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  • anonymous

    im just sayinnnnnn

    the dopeboyz didnt forget about Big L's birthday did they??

  • ebz

    wwooooo *dances*.

  • What year is this from? Cuz they both sound real young...but I kinda do too when I rap. And I'm 22...go figure...anyways...they rip it. I don't really like the beat, but they still went it. I was wondering if they had any tracks together, cuz I knew they were friends for a while.


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