Wale – The Mixtape About Nothing (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka May 30, 2008

The time has come for what ya’ll have been waiting for. 10deep dropped Wale’s new mixtape for the 2dopeboyz and dopegirlz out there! Props to H.E.R. for the heads up. Extra shouts to Elitaste for holding us down with new Wale’ness.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Wale – A Mixtape About Nothing (Mixtape) [Stream]

  • dope… yo they do have a dl link next to the stream… will be peeping this tonight.

  • well make by just by looking at the update your probly just going to add 2dopeboyz to the file name but im not hating on that almost every site like this does that

  • not really, just re-uppin to other sites so people can dl it. some browsers block the pop ups, nothing more than that. its not like were sayin “yo we got it for yall” … props are always given where do

  • ok shake i understand but i noticed i spelled meka wrong so sorry meka

  • Kraunik

    I seriously cant wait till u drop this… Dude can flow

  • it’s been up. 10deep has a dl link. we’ll just be supplying mirrors incase some dopeboyz and dopegirlz want to dl from somewhere else.

  • Kraunik

    Lol im so used to downloading em from u guys…. Nontheless thank u sir

  • P.S.A


    the cheerleader shall be pleased…haha.

  • Unxpekted

    DMV 212 703 STAND THE FUCK UP! Our time is now..

    “I should be meanest I’m… a wizard with the rock like Gilbert arenas, I touched on Venus and I even think Serena fly, we supply and deliver that dope to ya door like a piece a pie, heaters in between his eyes, torture him to he fall to his knees and die”

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  • JHGetMoney

    Finally it’s out been waiting for a while 4 this

  • damn, “the kramer” is dooope!

  • MISTA23

    just finished have 2 say this is undeniably dope, he said he was gonna get the Elaine chick on there he did. Co-sign on the dopeness of “the kramer”. Worth the wait dude went in!!

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  • they put the new joint up with the tracks divided. yzr. i put it up. but yall need it up too! it’s niiiice.

  • we need to do what? we’ve had the split/320kbs version up since jump lol

  • mrdylanmichael

    The Kramer. might be the most honest song ever. Nas should’ve gotten Wale to get on his new album.

  • whitney

    YESSSSSSSSS!! Been waiting for this shit!

  • Pure Butterscotch.

  • 91&UP^


    had his verse from rising down in my head for 4 weeks now lol

  • ItsCappa-UHomo

    ballin…. and i think we need to move on from sendspace- they putting a cap on download speeds… not good.

  • restless

    looking forward to this today… peace

  • The KRAMER is the SHIT! Man this tape made my day :). Shake puts uploads it himself so he doesnt send a mob of dope folk to the 10deep serv and make it slow for everyone

  • *Slides in the room like Kramer* *Does the Shawty Lo “dance” from ‘Dey Know’ video*

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  • JL

    Nice lookin out, you should put a link to the 10 deep site though so they can track their number of downloads.

  • there is a link to 10deep.

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  • ebz

    Looks good….I need that song with Tre of UCB on it. lol EARLY.

  • ebz

    OH Shit I see the link…..nvm …. MUCH LOVE ooowwww. lol

  • ebz

    Have a lot of the songs been renamed just for the sake of the mixtape?For ex. the roots song is Rising Down and the joint with UCB is Back In The go-go.

  • FAS

    wale my 2nd cuzzin::no lie::just thought i’d throw that out there..but yea the mixtape is mad dope…kudos to y’all for bringin to us::although i would have love it if that “the hacksaw jim duggin” joint ft skyzoo was on it but im still enjoying the mixtape regardless

  • the cheerleader will be happy once this POS actually downloads. the fuck is up with the internet today!
    world, get off the net! I got a mixtape to download!
    I’m sad to say tho, I actually acquired this from a different source. Shame on me. Too bad it’s still downloading slow as all hell tho.

  • restless

    i’ll just say right now, fuck all the ‘wale’ haters hating to hate… this is a quality tape right here..

  • sCass

    this mixtape is heatrock

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  • FAS

    uhm “ebz”..the song is called rising up the album is called rising down::nd it wasnt the whole song on the album..it was just the chorus and then wale’s verse…

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  • thecollegecurb

    yo Shake! any way you can re-post the link for this? ppreciate it.

  • ck47

    re up

  • mmkayy

    ^^^ cheaa what they said

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