NBA Finals: Lakers vs Celtics!

blame it on Shake May 31, 2008

Yes! Goodbye Detroit. Hello Celtics/Lakers Championship! History in the making for sure. Boston won the season series 2-0 but both games were without Gasol so I'm thinking LA takes it in 6. Definitely hitting the bar for each game. I can't wait.

Game 1 - Thu June 5 LAL at Bos 6:00PM PDT
Game 2 - Sun June 8 LAL at Bos 6:00PM PDT
Game 3 - Tue June 10 Bos at LAL 6:00PM PDT
Game 4 - Thu June 12 Bos at LAL 6:00PM PDT
Game 5 * Sun June 15 Bos at LAL 6:00PM PDT
Game 6 * Tue June 17 LAL at Bos 6:00PM PDT
Game 7 * Thu June 19 LAL at Bos 6:00PM PDT

*if Necessary
All games on ABC

  • Beat LA (not gonna happen)
    Beat LA (sorry Boston you're losing)
    Beat LA (negative)


  • Joe

    Ya, i'm not excited they just jinxed themselves, after every fan has been cautious to not Jinx em like we did the Pats... jezzz....

  • Boston in 7.


  • MISTA23


    34 + 20 + 5 = 17

    Do the math motherfuckers!!!

  • Nonchalant Misfit

    Sam Cassell is a ugly-ass muthafucka

    "I'mma make you see L.A. like Ed O'Bannon" © Razzy Kazzy

  • Joe

    Gotta love that math!

  • LA in 5

  • Joe

    Gotta find out when Tickets go on sale and get me a couple for the games in Boston...

  • ArJay

    Boston = Title town baby

  • what did I say...been sayin it for at least a month. Celts and Lakers, The 'Ship Series.

    I hope Celts win it, Im goin with them but if the Lakers gets it...so be it, they both deserve to win for real.

  • title town? is that why the pats took the L?

    just sayin.

  • ArJay

    True...but that was a fluke...thier still a top team in the NFL...with more titles then any other team in the NFL the past decade...so..yeah lol

  • ArJay


  • Joe

    Hey, we jinx'd the Pats, thats all. Us New Englanders were talking to much shit. Aint gonna happen this time.

  • fuck the lakers, yall got the best player in the NBA with a bunch of soft ass europeans. Celts in 6

  • Nonchalant Misfit

    I’m lovin’ how The Carter III is leakin’ more than Paul Pierce when Ray Benzino had him stabbed 11 times back in 2000

  • CPHead

    Garnett is winning his first ring this year.

  • MISTA23

    LOL @ Black Element. Even Gasol has that soft shot...

    I wouldn't say fuck 'em but I'm happy for my team and basketball in general. Going to be an amazing series

  • MISTA23

    Your wrong for that Nonchalant Misfit. Fuckin wrong 4 that.

  • P.S.A

    that's what's up!

    LA vs. Boston


  • LOL @ misfit.

    guarantee you know benzino's gonna come back on a fucking white horse to give paul pierce an apology.

    almighty rso!
    flcuk up outta here.
    lake show, regardless of how many games the celts win.

  • @ Meka:

    Fuck Benzino. Headband P is still shinin' like the sun.

    Boston Stand Up!

    *Throws threes*


  • >*Throws threes*>

    wanna know how much of a fraud paul pierce is?

    that "threes" sign is an inglewood gang hand gesture.

    collapsed lung p stays losing.

  • C's in 6... yeah.

    Kobe might break sumthing tomorrow.

    *this shit will come back to haunt me if sumthing happens to him*


  • restless

    ahh yes.. takin it back to the late 80s with this series..

  • DKE

    lmao @ those saying "LA in 5"

    IDK who's gonna win, but no way its gonna be a 4-1 win, for either side.

    Loving the Boston hate, let's see if we can step up.
    Oh and, KG >>> Gasol, anyone who thinks other wise is kidding themselves

  • @ Meka:

    Why was my comment stating that Paul Pierce WASN'T throwing up a gang sign but a sign that represents Boston that Bostonians have been doing since 1978/79 erased? I think people need to know that shit wasn't a "gang sign" he was throwing up. He was reppin' BOSTON not the Bloods. SMH 2X


  • 4mind4life

    4 - 0 Boston baby! Nah, with all seriousness, I think the Celts will take it in 6.

  • Belize


    all day


    ps. fuk kobe aka the greatest bootleg dvd ever

  • bong from philippines

    boston is the greatest yep yep hurray!!!

  • ALEX S.

    end of the day green will prevail, go BOSTON go!!

  • damn so what are you all gonna do when the purple and gold come out on top? haha. thursday is gonna be fun times on 2db.

  • jocel p from laguna,phils.

    lakers all the way, getting nude!!1

  • hopps83

    If Lakers Lose We need pictures of Meka and Shake in Celtics Jerseys. If they win they should put the logo in the top Banner.


  • Xander #1

    Well, obviously it is going to be the Lakers. I mean, they have the MVP for the entire league on the team, Gasol who is a beast in there, Turiaf who works well with Bryant, Radmanovic who is a great shooter-same with Vujacic. Yes, I will admit that Walton does have some work to do, but he doesn't play that much anyhow. Odem will take anyone off the drive and dunk on them. Fisher is agressive and will beat anyone to the ball. He is also a great 3 point shooter. Farmar is an all right player, who is also a "tough" guy.

    So what that the Celtics won the first two playoff games? They were home weren't they? Next 3 games are at LA and will be won by the Lakers.

    The Lakers did come back in Game 2 of the playoffs. They were down 24 in the 4th quarter and came back to cute the lead down to 2 points, late in the 4th quarter.

    Lakers WILL WIN!!!! Think NOT???????? Then let's hear your argument!!!

  • Go Lakers! The Celtics are cheaters/ little girls who can't stay off the floor, to get free throws!

  • Xander #1

    Lakers still alive!!!

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