Looks like James Todd is on that "MJ with the Wizards" comeback tip. From his upcoming mixtape with Kay Slay, Return Of The G.O.A.T. Props to Young Sav. Shake Edit: The homie Dow Jones just shot the rumored first single off Grandpa J's album Exit 13, featuring Trey Songz.

DOWNLOAD: LL Cool J - Hi Again Haters Freestyle
DOWNLOAD: LL Cool J - Girl If I f. Trey Songz (prod. Tha Bizness)


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  • http://thekidswereneveralright.wordpress.com Mr Early

    i'm not even gonna try to play thats some serious shit right there

  • the one

    i'm startin to think homie is really comin back

  • ohmywordy

    hi haters...pretty dope. at first i was like this old negro need to stop and relax on that money he made in the 80's and that movie money....then i listen and in the very middle of the verse he started cming in pretty hard...it go!