• jamir

    when does the album drop?

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    same day as weasel


    I'm really feeling the time for some action track with the hives. im really interested to see the NERD movie thats in the works.

  • Kraunik

    lol can u believe how much crap hes talkin about the djs that made him?... kinda fishy... but yeah N.E.R.D. killed it at GITD... album should be hot

  • jamir

    Fly or Die was straight. I just hope they don't have 2+ tracks that are 8 mins long.

  • http://bananaclipse.blogspot.com bananaclipse(3.0)

    I CANT wait for this

  • Kanemku

    THE ALBUM DROPS SUNDAY!!! I CANT WAIT!!! im actually going to buy it... i bought the last two when they dropped so why not buy the third right?

  • Kanemku

    o yea and they killed it at glow in the dark... i actually wore my glow in the dark shirt today haha (still have it on) lol

  • http://smackawhiteboy.com Dred

    so "lazer gun carrying" didn't make the album?

    i heard from cats that that song is fire and now it didn't even make the lp. smh. better be an itunes bonus or some shit...

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    from what i hear there will be two versions of the album, us and japan or some shit

  • http://bananaclipse.blogspot.com bananaclipse(3.0)

    AGAIN!?!? fuck now i gotta get the import lest i be mad like i am about in search of (its 50 on ebay for the import)

  • Joe

    Celtics/Lakers Finals! haha! Good year to be a New England sports fan!

  • P.S.A

    *waits patiently for this one*

  • H.e.r.

    Dopeboyz always first

  • AT

    I can't wait to hear "Love Bomb." Shit sounds dope.

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  • loowee

    Has this Leaked yet?
    I can't wait any longer
    if any one has it can someone post it please

  • mvera76

    I got uk edition of in search for $150.oo with pharrells kelis and shay's autographs

  • http://www.qt-online.nl Rich / Sopi

    Anyone has a dl-link ???????

  • http://music.com You Welcome

    It has leaked. Search Torrentz.com