Please Stand By…

blame it on Shake May 31, 2008

What up my weekend dopeboyz and dopegirlz. Myself and Meka are making a little move to our own server. In which case there might be some glitches and bullshit going on over the next few days. Our apologies. The main issue will be with the 2dopeboyz.com URL. If you use 2dopeboyz.wordpress.com there should be no issues at all. Hopefully everything will be resolved and we can continue to raise the bar. Thanks for your patience. Oh and this does NOT mean we will stop posting, so keep checking for the hotness.

  • hi
    nice web
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  • 2killa

    nice where u swagger jacking a server from?

  • musiconplay

    yo Shake and Meka yall need a VPS server… dont fall for them jokes about shared servers with alot of recources…

    soon as you use 15% of them recources they will suspend your account!

    so basicly get a VPS or a Dedicated server.

    Chuck of MusicOnPlay

  • good grief Shake.
    I’m just going to throw this out there:
    if the URL isn’t working, and damn near everyone I know just uses ‘2dopeboyz.com’, how do you expect them to see this message? It’s kinda like those tornado warnings on the weather channel. If the weather’s that bad, your power will be out. Or you’ll be ducking for cover while the roof is blown off of your house. Not really watching the TV.

    …..I had to google the damn site to see if it still existed and then and ONLY then did I find this message.

    …not that there’s a better system for getting it out or something, but man this caused one hell of a mindfuck for me all day.

  • i could just NOT say anything then right? that makes no sense. i did what i thought would be somewhat ok.

  • if everyone else is doing what I was doing (aka just trying to log on the site like normal) then we wouldn’t know the difference if you said something or you didn’t lol. I just found it really odd that the site wasn’t working for so long, since you’re normally so quick to quality control any glitches that occur. So then I went into detective mode and finally found out what happened.

    It took a good 15+ hours though for me to get to that point of puzzlement. If there’s another source aside from the actual site that you could put something up about regarding the url issue, that may be helpful. I mean, that’s about the only other thing I can think of. Unless there’s a way to make something show up instead of that error message.

  • KNOWxONE is excited to peep what Shake & Meka have up their sleeves.
    *Side Not: Shake if you want that ATL Braves, holla at me before they’re gone.

  • KNOW: i want!

    and amanda, it’s safe to say if there was something i COULD do i would. i’m not just leaving it there and saying fuck it. i’ve been busting around all fuckin day. i have to wait until the domain points to the right server then i can atleast have a splash screen directing people here.

    trust me, im not just all ohh lets leave it how it is, people will find out. im not retarded.

  • musiconplay

    Yo Shake im sure that the domain name servers are not set right, its been 2+ days! The max time for the to resolve is 48 hours, and in 80% of the times they resolve in 5-6 hours.

  • “im not retarded.”
    no, you’re not.
    I just felt retarded.

  • yea. i realy don’t know what the issue is. im waiting on the godaddy now. they are effin around! this really sucks and is bothering me to no end. our traffic was at an all time high these past few days then BAM all time low because people cant find this spot.


  • MISTA23

    Phew… I was scared the site got the shut down treatment that illroots might be doomed with (they got balls 4 droppin almost all of Carter III).

  • good to see you still on grind shake – took a minute to track this down…are you going w/ the Linux or Windows on the dedicated server? If you haven’t pointed the DNS yet to the URL peep over at 1&1 – fairly good and got them running a few projects.

  • musiconplay

    Its realy sad :S…

    my blog fuckd up like that also… but in my case my hosting suspended my account for spending to much resources on a shared server… but this C3 got all my visitors back :D

    i hope it all goes well man…

  • Daniel

    What about putting this new / temporary URL on the NMC website? It could make at least some people able to get here.

  • Or redirect the url via 404 to here?

  • P.S.A

    *never found out*

    *is glad 2dopeboyz is back working on my comp again*

  • I almost lost my damn mind when 2dopeboyz wasn’t comin up on both my computers…def was havin withdraw symptoms glad I got my fix today =D

  • haha. nice!