• CaliGirlintheSouth

    I likes...Shake's my friend =D

  • MISTA23

    Shine is a DOPE album. Estelle is haed and shoulders above 95% of these female artist today.

  • http://www.theaudacityofdope.com Hyphen

    did she just run up on her dude and make him strip in the street? gully

  • newmi

    Great song, love how wyclef arranged the song just like Faith by George Michael. The video even pays homage.

  • newmi

    Shame on me for not knowing the original melody was "Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley"

    Wrong, righted.

  • http://iamthelostgirl.wordpress.com iamthelostgirl

    Not feeling this track or video. Think they are both growers?


    Her album is nice

  • LASheila19

    Song is Hot, video makes it even hotter! I love it. You go girl