Lil Wayne – Action (UK Bonus)

blame it on Shake June 10, 2008

Yep. More music from the hip hop gremlin (literally). This could be old for all I know as I don’t follow the troll around with my mouth open like most. It is the UK bonus track off Tha Carter III though. Haven’t heard the album or interested in what DX had to say about it? Check the review. What are people’s thoughts of the album now that it’s had time to settle in the brains?

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  • RK6

    Haha thats real talk what you saying about most people when it come to wayne. His album is nothing special i got it last sunday. It has a couple tracks but its no must have album. Im looking for g-unit,busta, and nas those are thing to check for

  • Biotch

    carter tres really was dissapointing when i heard the full cd first…had less than a handful hits(the few songs tht are good are really good dont get me wrong) but after a few spins, it seemed a bit better, kinda grew on me. but all in all i had better expectations. carter 2 was sick. carter 3 is okie. dokie. it seems to me like wayne tried hard to expand his portfolio on this cd, and just put to much on his plate. and often thru out the cd, he has weaaaak lines ex “im rare like mr clean with hair”. lol idonno i give it a 6 outta 10


    The album imo is about a 3/4. It’s not an album like a Ready to Die or Reasonable Doubt or any of the top 10 classic hip hop albums of all time but I think it is probably gonna be a top album for the South like Tha Carter II was. I’m buying a copy cus I feel kinda bad that I bootlegged it off the Internet and I’m starting to buy more hard copys in this Digital Revolution. That NERD is gonna be hot too. Can’t wait to get that


    Also, I though this was relevent cus its a Weezy post. Has anyone heard that Will Smith did a remix to A Millie too? I just heard it and was lmao. Actually was kinda hot but funny to see will rap as he has forgotten his hip hop roots for a while.


    I liked it, but when I put it head to head with C3 Sessions/Drought Is Over 2, C3 Sessions won.

  • DKE

    The Will Smith version is a blend of an old verse


    Oh my bad DKE, I couldn’t tell. Doing 2 things at once so. My bad.

  • DKE

    lol mad sites are posting it as new, i wouldnt have realized myself if i hadnt seen a comment lol

  • BLuHaZe

    after my 1st listen, i thought it was pretty bad (bad meaning bad); but after listening to it for a week or so, it’s def not bad, but it doesnt compare to c2 or my expectations


    song is a new version of the Lil Wayne- Showtime (feat. Mack Mine & Boo)

  • I Still Lover H.E.R

    i mean the cd is alright. seeing how this was the carter 3 version 5.0. it wasnt wayne’s best, but we must understand the cd got leaked multiple times so he started over and over again. if you take the best of all the songs that was supposed to be on carter 3 than it’s a hot album

  • CxCx

    I love that album front to back, (and side to side). It is hot all ways!

  • Bueller?

    The Robin Thicke joint was my fav song. But then again, I stopped watching 106 & Park years ago. What could I possibly know about “Real” hip hop?

  • DJ Natorious

    there’s a few good tracks, but overall a pretty lackluster collection. i’m not into the poppy-ass wayne at all and this album has too much of that in my opinion. i liked it the first time i heard it, but then i realized i was just skipping through the shitty songs to the ones with sick beats and/or weezy going in like i want him to. a millie, you ain’t got nothin’, dr. carter, mr. carter, and let the beat build were probably my favorite tracks.

  • HaloHEad

    This is the best D’wayne could of done. With all the pressure, dude handled his biz for the most. All the songs that you “hip hop heads” knock him for, the nonshalant, casual hip hop fans (white kids in the burbs) will bump the shit out of, so he did his part and did it well in my eyes. Dude has a wide array of fans and it’s hard to put that together on one album and get the “classic” label. Why do u think do has so much material?

    I take my hat off to you Wayne, I enjoyed the shit out of this album and will pick up a copy this Tuesday at the local best buy.

    Hate is the new love remember that!

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  • ebz

    “I don’t follow the troll around with my mouth open like most.”

    You;’re not the only one buddy….I still haven’t even downloaded his album like most lol. And he won’t get any of my money (so he can buy more pills and Sizzurp?!) ….. this song is def. pretty hot though.