• http://www.myspace.com/ecadvakit Tha Advakit

    LOL...in 2006, Artest opened up for a Ludacris concert at my school....dude has a lotta energy on the stage....that is all I will say...

  • charles oakley

    Oh my Allah....I have no other words....

  • http://underagedthinking.wordpress.com jon.C

    street fighter should be remade... just sayin'.

  • Chieflo

    O shit Jean Claude Van Damme. But I really came in here expecting it to be Kobe & Tyra:

  • http://www.hiphopdx.com/blogs/meka Meka

    >But I really came in here expecting it to be Kobe & Tyra...>


  • Afro American Idol

    My friend actually saw Ron Ron today in Sac coming from the DA's office (probably for those pouch troubles he had a while back). Wish I would have seen this earlier, I would have told her to give him a message......"The NBA, we random acts of fuckery happen".

  • Belize

    Str8 to my feet!

  • Belize

    tru story

    1:00 clip was the only dance I could do in the 90's...cuz i couldnt even break dance

    smh @ keeping it real

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  • http://myspace.com/ebonycoe ebz

    I'm actually really surprised he didn't give up. The 1st min. of the song wasn't bad.

  • http://strivin.com Doxx

    No discussion of athletes attempting to rap is complete without mention of "The Way I Swing" by Kid Sensation featuring Ken Griffey Jr.

    Enjoy... http://www.zshare.net/audio/135436024f4949b1/