Chris Brown – A Millie Freestyle

blame it on Meka June 12, 2008

This is getting ridiculous. Good looks, Splash. Shake EDIT: This is horrible haha. Which is why I switched the image so I can atleast get something out of it. A millie a millie a millie LBS!

DOWNLOAD: Chris Brown – A Millie Freestyle

  • whyyyyyyyyyyy did you post this.

    man, hot garbage thrown in a dumpster with a mix of stupid shit.

  • A millie in here, a millie in there… COT damn Shake, there’s already a millie “a millies.” I think I’m bout to step up for the final and make an effing trillie. Are the 2dopeboyz (inside a cadillac) makin a millie mix w/ the best remixes?

  • BTW>>> Beautiful image choice.

  • i MIGHT make a 2db mix with my personal favorites. i know khal over at rockthedub.com did a pretty good one with jada/cass/hov/fab/lil mama

  • jaydon the don

    Why did chris release this. its like 16 bars of nothing. worst a millie easily

  • art_of_wordz

    Instead of asking why did he do this ask these lame artist why do they keep spitting over it.I`ve seen so man post with the semi ending saying a millie.Please man please stop posting millie freestyles.Hip-Hop has a decade of beats people can spit to.Spit to something old something nobody really heard and shed some light on that artist

  • jaydon the don

    and btw i hated the beat from the jump. ugghh.

  • Nelly

    I think T-Pain is gonna get on this shit next, lol.

  • damn who’s next?? We need an A Millie mixtape with everyone’s version…even the sucky ones

  • wow. that is just simply horrible. i feel stupider just listening to it.

  • I’m not listening to it!

  • king jamez

    hes a singer…wut did u expect? a fast corey gunz verse? nahh

  • LMAO @ EARLY I felt like that too…and King Jamez there are jus some things that should be kept in the closet like this “freestyle” (I use that term loosely). He set himself up for the okie doke by proceedin to walk his ass in the booth and record this shit

  • wtf??????????????????

    im thru. im officially thru.

    sad part is lil mama got it in on her version.

    someone needs to retire this beat like YESTERDAY. i’m over it.

  • haha check C. Breezy n Raspucia

  • ebz

    wow @ the m image but yeah this cover kinda sucked….no more a millie covers.

  • Lana

    chris breezy!!! i liked it

  • lina

    why suckin him so hard? hate much bitches?
    i happen to like it. shyt is hot.

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