Asher Roth – The Greenhouse Effect (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake June 13, 2008

The good folks over at SRC Recordings shot us a few new mixtapes from their artists. One being Asher Roth aka Your Mom’s Favorite Rapper. Dude is nice with it. Don’t believe me? Shit, even Andre 3000 is down with dude saying let me know if there is a record you guys need me on. Then after spitting 150 bars in Hov’s office on the spot, he caught Jay saying OK…OK…You’re nice. Both are big co-signs right? Regardless what people say though, it’s your own opinion so check out the tape and let us know what you think. Yes, he has a little Eminem sound to him, but whatever. Good music is good music.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – The Greenhouse Effect (Mixtape)

  • You convinced me to check it.

  • dude is dope…sounds like eminem, but early eminem, which I wish Eminem would sound like now lol…

  • prez get at me on the email!

  • Calvin Broadus RIP

    his voice sounds like eminem, and he flows like eminem – sooo…what the fuck


    He’s nice. He does sound a lot like Eminem in the voice. But he ain’t spittin that nice. All in all, Asher Roth is…..Nice.

  • Definitely refreshing…IMO he sounds like Eminem in combination w/ Atmosphere…

  • desp

    at first I was iffy, then I listened to Cannon on his myspace, haha

  • restless

    shit im sold.. lol

  • Jeweler of the Gems

    Not to shabby…sounds like em but much more laid back. He has a nice flow though. I’ll spread the word.

  • Man, i’m lovin this guys vibe, “Rap version of bill murray”, that’s too gold. Definition of keepin it 100.

  • yeah his voice is very EM… but he’s sick all the same. and if 3 stacks is on board hahaha, u gotta be doin sumthin right… right?

  • at this place and time, asher>>>eminem

    em hasn’t been dope in years and it doesn’t appear that he will dope again anytime soon. if we’re lucky he’ll be listenable but sadly even that’s iffy.

  • ebz

    Never heard of him..he better be as good as you n-ggas is hyping.

  • can someone tell me what beat hes using on track 8?

  • Scorpio Mcfly

    andre co signed that caught my interest Jay did well he co signed Jezzy so im skpetical but i downloaded it and ill give it a shot

  • Yung Hype

    good lookz i been waitin on dis shitt

  • Calvin Broadus RIP

    Kool – THat beat is on Busta’s last cd, The Big Bang – Been Through The Storm Feat. Stevie Wonder

  • pretty good, i can dig it…unfortunately, any white rapper that can spit above average will be compared to Em, what’s fucked up is that we as a hip hop community are willig to except all the coke/dope/crack/trap type rappers who are all the SAME and rap about the same thing, but we can’t give a white guy a chance who is sick without comparing him to one of the best of all time (its like comparing kobe to mike, there’s no way to validate it, there will never be another 23!). I hope it works out for him, I get the feeling he is being himself and not forcing it which is always a plus.

  • wampwamp

    I like it

  • Amilli

    Yay Em is back. Not only does he sound like him. But he also uses the same wordplay patterns as Em too! i hope yall peep.

  • want a white boy that’s nice and doesn’t sound like eminem….STAN IPCUS

    check the mixtape for free…BACHELOR PARTY


    outta White Plains, NY, and he’s no herb either….also can hear him on the Matisyahu grammy nominated, platinum YOUTH album track #8 WP….



  • Kanemku

    u were right… dude does sound like em… but dude is nice… idk if he’ll blow though he sounds a lil too much like em

  • Noxx

    naw naww. this kidz on his own tip. peep his acapella “just listen” and also “the lounge”; nearly a conscious tip. check his beat choices too”. fuck Em he will) we’ll see a lot more his unique style.

    Plus when it comes to rapping, dude is a bit more East Coast Jay-Z,or Clipse. Only thing Em’ about him really is his voice and hooks.

  • charlito

    dude is nice. plain and simple

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  • AC

    yo what beat is he using over that “demonic” track

  • KarmaSoulja

    “yo what beat is he using over that “demonic” track”

    Britney Spears – Break The Ice

  • Vinton Lindo

    wow. shouts out this this dude for possessing some crazy metaphorical and lyrical skills! he does sound a lot like Eminem did, but give this man his own light. There will only ever be one Eminem! And Asher Roth has some crazy potential, so if Andre 3000 co-signs I’m down. This mixtape is hot though… he just earned my fanhood.

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  • peez

    What beat is he usin for his intro?? And #17 keep bouncing??
    All n all he gonna blow like c4

  • What beat is that intro prouduced by kanye and #17 keep bouncing?
    All n all he’s gonna blow like c4!

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  • qwertyuio

    this is some hot East Coast golden era type shit

  • the boy is hot… of course the world is going to compare him the Em but he’s nicer…

  • he’s not nicer than eminem … at all

    dope, but eminem >>>>>>>>> asher

  • doesnt like ashron astin whatever roth

    shit fucking is garbage…and his voice does sound exactly like eminem. its not even because of his looks or whatever…dont waste your time to listen

  • bg

    same mainstream bs except for one song. eminem poser

  • bg
  • Zmoney

    This man sounds real good!

  • Ace

    I’ve been rocking this tape for a minute. Dude doesn’t remind me of em at all. I think it’s because he’s a white dude with nice flows and hard wordplay that get him that comparison. Em’s not as self-deprecating as roth is. This tape is nasty good. The fact that Drama, Cannon, Hov AND 3000 signed off on this dude should say something. He’s got the skills to be huge. Hopefully, America will, to paraphrase em, not look at the fact that he’s white, ignoring skills. But, this is the best mixtape I’ve heard since Do The Right Thing w/ Kardinal Offishall and Clinton Sparks

  • whitegirlfromdaburbs

    FYI he sounds like a WHITE dude and so does Em. Newsflash to our bros and sis’ that’s kinda what we sound like. Nerdy. Ahhh white people.

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  • dan

    next big name in music ! give a year or two yh hes just like eminem but hes fucking awsome, asher roth! remember the name !

  • JustinCase

    Wow Folks Still Commenting

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  • Dude does sound like Em sometimes when he speaks. But Em rymed alot more with his words. Double Sylable Rymes…..This guy jus talks more than rymes sometimes. And personaly i could of got his spot. And i will.. CHECK OUT THE ASHER ROTH DISS ON YOUTUBE BY TAVO….. Dude “Tavo” rips Asher apart in this diss and is much nicer….and hes white too…

  • buddy

    asher roth is not like em at all em was phsycotic in his rhymes asher is more smooth and confident and brags .ash roth .. best mixtapes in a while

  • Lewis Winthorpe

    Dude, if you wanna hear a sick white rapper who DOESN’T sound like Eminem, then check out Makell Bird on http://makellbird.imeem.com
    He was voted ARTIST OF THE YEAR on imeem! and has over 41,000 fans! His myspace has over 3.8 million plays!

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  • mike

    yo this kid is dope no doubt. not only that he is one of my cousins good friends but this kid came to my house once and spit some shit for me and it was dope. so no doubt this kid is kick ass. keep doin ur shit

  • Mark K

    Yo, don’t get me wrong, Roth is great. He has excellent lyrical skills and can play with his words with a nice flow. Nonetheless, my boy Dirty Dizzle kills it. Can flow any style you want, biggy, pac, em, weezy, paul wall etc… he is crazy. Not to take anything away from Roth, but you two should combine and do a calbo, let everyone know the whats saying in the future. Hip hop ain’t over with guys like these. haha, us jews can kill it on the mic. Roth, be nice with it and send some support this way for my boy. We just trying to feed the fam.

  • Centino

    of course we all know he sounds like em…IN THE VOICE ONLY.his flow subject matter and his “image are all his own.he is genuine and thats why i like him

  • aaron

    i think he sounds like eminem but he raps different
    eminem has more emotion to most of his raps and he means more in most of them
    asher’s rhyme scheme is a lot different
    hes very good lyrically
    i like it he sounds tight
    he sounds very original

  • red

    Decent at best.

  • Lol Mad random comment

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  • kyle

    Advakit I completely agree, I’m liking what he’s got so far and that’s just on industry beats

  • 6 Months Later

  • ali

    safe g

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  • ae

    the link is expired can you post a new one?

  • ~KC~

    Dude needs to change up his vocal a little,onley thing hes got goin for him is he sounds like eminem.If he wants a battle I would beat him down.Im the real deal,no I dont rap…but I got him beat on vocals and hes going to be some big super star…for what?? cause he can sound like eminem?? I ben Tryen and clawen and scratching to get my words out and hear comes copy man…WTF??

  • ~KC~

    ok so that souded mean,lmfao. not tryin to be…but come on…how the hell can I get my words out? I sing metal,and alt. Hell,I myself can sound like Fred Durst from limp bizkit,Johnathan Davis of Korn,David Draiman of disturbed,Bradley Nowell of Sublime,nickle back and even Puddle of mud.my point is its not hard to sound like somone else,its hard to get famouse with your own vocals first.maby thats what I’m doing wrong?? is the world ready for another Sublime (my closest sound alike)??

  • ~KC~

    PS< boy IS dope,hes got a good flow and I like his rymes~not hatin him,just jelous I guess.lmfao, peace yall~

  • ~KC~

    Asher if your checkin on this sight man an see this,prove me wrong brutha.Hit me up and tell me how it is man,tell me if I’m wrong and I’ll give you my respect. lykin_shadow @ myspace. Asher only please~

  • chris

    asher roth is fucking nice …that mix tape was dope he does sound like eminem but hes still nice.. hes goin to blow up

  • Roth

    Sounds like your the real deal kc,done some checkin on ya and you sound hungry brutha.I sent you a mail wit some info to my people. Digitals one of my boys tell him I say wuzup.

  • staxxx89

    yo Asher Roth shouldn’t be compared to Eminem at all. Eminem was more about crazy shit and doing crazy ass drugs and killing his wife and mom. Asher Roth is more layed back and smooth and the best thing to come out in a while. Eminem’s new song crack a bottle is trash,wish eminem wasn’t on that bullshit now and wish he’d go back to how he use to rap! he sucks but anyone does who raps with 50 cent. hahahaha! ya’ll need to look up asher roth chillionaire on youtube and tell me how that sounds!

  • Good songs, but he sounds too much like Eminem to me. To be original, he should auto-tune his voice.

  • staxxx89

    yo if you listen to eminem his voice is actually annoying and asher roth don’t got that annoying squeky sound in his voice. Asher Roth is original he’s a whiteboy rapping and if he first came out then eminem ya’ll would be saying eminem sounded like him so just shut the fuck up and listen to what ya’ll saying for a bit. their’s plenty of black rappers who sound alike but no you don’t hear shit about that. But anyways holla at me and tell me what you think and don’t hate on me cuz i got a fucking opinion that makes sense!!!

  • Cr!tical

    blah, I may sound racist when I say I don’t Mess with White Rappers because Hip-Hop is primarily Black.

    But I was persuaded into downloading this by that description. We’ll see. I normally wouldn’t do this, especially always hearing the mainstream cock suckers at my school singing “I Love College”.

  • staxxx89

    you don’t mess with em’ cuz you’re primarily gay. haha i mean shit Eminem was isbetter at rappin then 90% of the black rappahs but since he’s white he don’t and prolly will never get the credit he deserves. He ripped Jay-Z on his own song and had a way better verse then biggie had on dead wrong. how about that shit?

  • genny777

    well his voice do sound like eminem but i dont think he flow lyk him tho…maybe a lilbit of him w/ somebody lyk wayne or somethin cuz u kno he sayin some off da wall shyt

  • jules8393

    can we get a link that works? i want it

  • Jenna

    fuck that shit that you sound like eminem, your asher roth, do what you do cause its awesome! love ya kid

  • Tanque

    good stuff

  • he is cool i love college

  • Ace

    He’s next up in line. I like his rhyme skeme. Unique, different, refreshing. He prolly won’t get a lot of love on B.E.T. but M.T.V will love him. Asher Roth keep it up.

  • nick

    ash roth is fucking insane

  • nick


  • Tav 24.7

    Guy is Legend, is more like Em in some places than others but his lyrics are too diferent to compare.

  • AlleyGator

    Ashor Roth is an original artist. He has his own style and is not trying to be like anyone else but himself. I know good music when I hear it. And this kid is going places.

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  • Lily

    the demonic song was stolen from DTF they have the exact same chorus and this is not fair. we een have proof. http://www.myspace.com/downtoflo hypnawtik is the song.

  • wisdom

    its called sampling in case you didnt know!

  • amazing, i pre- judged him with i love college, but no joke dude can flow… & i honestly i loved the mix tape more then asleep in the bread aisle.

  • olivejuice

    the kidd is fuckin sick..fuck that “he’s like em” shit.. he’s fuckin original..props to yaa boy.. stay upp.