Royce Da 5’9″ – I’m Me Freestyle

blame it on Shake June 16, 2008

“Don’t let me get a hold of you dudes, I’ll murder you on camera/
Get Kelly’s lawyer and get a mole removed”

Don’t you just love when Royce hops on a beat and just massacres it? Well Shake does. Here Royce goes in over another Wayne instrumental. Dude goes off, as if there was ever a chance he wasn’t going to. I wish I could stick every rapper in this bitch. In a building, let em cypher while I fly a plane through that bitch. Shouts to Mr. X for this one. NMC as always.

DOWNLOAD: Royce Da 5’9″ – I’m Me Freestyle

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  • goddamn royce.

    channelin that pac passion in the vocals.

    i make green off green like stan lee?

  • Gremlin

    No lies this this guy is on FIRE
    Fucking Flame grilled

  • Gremlin

    …I probably shouldn’t have said that fuck ya’ll
    On the record of the record if I’m on the record I’m a off the record
    I need a push when I’m tired of rhyming
    Go ahead Diss me cause me and George Bush got a lot in common
    We both got no sense we love to go to war and we stay looking for weapons of mass destruction
    This industry is Hillary Clinton literately listen
    You anit go no choice roll with a nigga!

  • dude is bonkers indeed.

  • WTF royce, give us that bar exam 2 immediately….this fool has been spazzing lately. wow! Any word on when it’s dropping Shake?

  • charles oakley

    Can someone tell me the original wayne song this beat is from?

  • “This industry is Hillary Clinton literately listen
    You anit go no choice roll with a nigga!”

    Damn, creative as fuck

  • Gremlin

    Niggas saying “When Royce going to stop beefing with rappers? “
    Bitch when hell freeze over and Wayne sobers up
    By the way FUCK ALL DJ’s……I’m just kiddin!

    “They saying do the Kid Rock like Pam Lee
    The answer is yes!
    And I invest it takes money to make money
    So I make green of green like Stan Lee”

  • No-I’mCappa

    wtf…. just drop the dam bar exam 2 already

  • Gremlin

    “wtf…. just drop the dam bar exam 2 already”

    Word its GOT to be soon man!

  • Unxpekted

    Man no bias judging with an even ear I would have to say LYRICALLY Royce is light years ahead of most emcees… Aint NOBODY fuckin w/ dude

    “Comm found the new premo, I got the real premo”
    -Royce the Fuckin Flame Thrower

    Royce Da 5’9 = Paul Pierce of this rap shit

  • Royce been dope…y’all soundin’ like this is new info or somethin’.

  • jaydon the don

    a royce budden beef would have been superb, oh well.

  • Gremlin

    “I Kill U..Right Away
    Soon as u cross…Go Head U Got Tha Right a Way
    Give a nicca iron like a vitamin, play….
    I Will Ride up and broad day and night a nicca day
    Drunk, Imma recovering out patient…U at da top u shot..Ya spot is now taken
    Psychotic is deploy, how da fuck is u rappin and u gay…
    & u been spotted wit a boy like a dalmation”

  • Chuck

    Royce = The New Makevelli (Pac) Does anyone else hear that hunger in his voice. It’s been a long time…

    Your site is the best!!!

  • ebz

    word clubba.

    lol this song is pretty crazy owww.

  • Chilla

    “I switch up, i’d be prolly instantly sellin, got a clip full of pellets known as MC repellents. While u talkin bout yo money, and i cant have none of it, i’ll hit a nigga low just for the damn fun of it. Imma never lose, never lost, imma prove it. Except for my virginity, but i was tryna lose it. I be on some tom cruise shit, standin on the couch in the club laughin bout my dime new chick. She the shit, but if u ask her, she’s useless. Im in the pocket, cuz i got a rocket down under like Houston. So imma keep bein me, and u should keep bein u. if bein u offends me, indeed its gone be me and u. but understand that if its that. its either gone be me or you. SO PUMP YO BREAKS, BEFORE I DO YOU LIKE I GOT A KEY TO YOU!!!!(OPEN THEM). This is by far true wordplay, flow, and creativity in one half of a verse. Royce 5’9” is by far the best MC alive right now.