An Important Revolutionary Message From Immortal Technique (Video)


Spotted at eskay's. I told you, YouTube is the new mixtape.

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  • Okaaay

    yea, i'm scared

  • dopesir

    greatest emcee alive SON!!! Cant wait for that shit to drop!!

  • I think i'm turned on right j/k.

    lol @ youtube being the new mixtape. Indeed.

  • mandy.


    no seriously. I'm laughing right now.
    This is classic for far too many reasons.

  • OH!
    support support support!
    june 24th, it's already up for preorder damn near everywhere (viper records website, amazon, barnes and noble, ughh, etc etc)...come on, put your money to good use towards an artist who will actually do productive shit with it.

    support support support!
    The 3rd World - June 24th.
    Best "is it an album, or is it a mixtape?" project of the year.

    ALSO don't forget about the writing contest he's hosting if you're in high school.
    and the police state chronicles if you have police brutality stories.

    yeah, ok, think I'm done now.
    What up, dopeboyz!


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