Dwele – Brandi f. Slum Village x Travelin’ Girl

blame it on Shake June 19, 2008

I said below that it’s been a good day in hip hop. I’m gonna have to switch that up and say music in general. This new Dwele album is pretty dope so far. I agree with my man Small Eyez though that he seems to be staying with his exact same style and sound. Some might enjoy that but dude is crazy talented and can definitely branch out and do something special. While you wait for the album, Sketches of a Man, to release (June 24th) here are a few choice tracks. Also, my man William just did a interview with the man himself over at MiHH. Also (x2), hit the jump for a damn good Dwele mix by FeelMusic.

DOWNLOAD: Dwele – Brandi f. Slum Village
DOWNLOAD: Dwele – Shady
PREVIOUS: Dwele – I’m Cheatin’ (rmx) f. Slum Village

Day At A Time (acoustic) – Beat Dat Demo LP
Affinity (Live) – Dwele Live at Maida Vale
Lady – From The Basement 12″
Twuneanunda – Rize
Remedy – Rize
Stalker – Beat Dat Demo LP
Kick Out of You – Subject
Country Song – Beat Dat Demo LP
Timeless Featuring Tina Marie – Rize
Startin Somethin – Beat Dat Demo LP
Beep me, find me – John Is My Name Demo
Holla – Some Kinda LP
Truth – Subject
Eve (I Need You) (Unreleased Version) – Beat Dat Demo LP

DOWNLOAD: FeelMusic – Dwele Mix

  • Beep Me…Ripped it from that Mix myself.

    you cant find it NOWHERE!

    that JohnisMyName EP is the lockness monster of his career..nobody can find it!

  • dude is amazing. Could be so much more, but I still like what he puts out

  • jeebin

    i got the album =).. i’m still buying it though

    i got all his albums.. hes the truth like no lie.. play it with your lady.. trust me

  • the mix is makin this terrible day soooo much better

  • MiCaL

    Good Lookin out!!

  • Yerman

    Anybody need the jonismyname EP?

  • dunc


  • DnZ

    Anyone still have that Jonismyname EP? Can’t find that damned thing! The mix is dope also :)

  • Da Man

    Mos Def need that jonismyname EP–

  • Dwash

    Def need that jonismyname….late?

  • ontellio

    please i need that jonsmyname